Latest WMR/OpenXR On Windows Insider Build (21H1 - 19043) ... One Quarter Reprojection Rate Added?

Hi Everyone…possibly game changing news for those struggling with low FPS in OpenXR. Updated to latest 21H1 Windows Insider build (21H1 - 19043) and grabbed the updated versions of WMR Portal and OpenXR Apps and noticed that One Quarter Reprojection Rates now seem to be supported. On my Reverb G2 I was locked at 22.5fps (90Hz Refresh Rate) in usual low performance areas/aircraft and was looking nice and smooth. Now might be a good time to opt into the Insider Programme if you are a Reprojection fan and have low FPS? Anyone else confirm?


Could you explain how you did this as I only get updates automatically when I turn my machine off

Hey…if you follow this official link it will walk you through it :slight_smile:


I tried, I didn’t notice anything particular. There is sometime repro up to 4 frames, put that was there before subscribing to the insider program. I noticed this with th latest update of the OPEN XR develloper tool. I don’t use openXR for Steam VR.

The good addition is the sleep time for the headset that’s implemented in the new Window mixed reality. I think it will be good for people who were wondering how to prevent their headset to go to sleep.

We are getting very close though, I get increasingly better performance with each update. I’m now at TAA 80 with Open XR custom at 100. I was previously at 65, 70 OXR and 100 TAA

You don’t need to be on an insider build to get 1/4 frame rate motion reprojection. This functionality is in the new preview runtime (version 106.*) when motion reprojection is set to automatic or always on.

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Yup I’m not part of the insider program but confirming I have this update and it’s a big step forwards - 2080super looking good for a while yet ! :+1:

The best thing is that in 60Hz mode you can go as low as 15fps and it still works!!!:smiley:
With my G2, RTX 3070, I can now raise the resolution to 80/100 or bump up my in game settings - still smooth LOL:)

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Agree this is great - I seem to be getting reprojection “on” but from 20fps and above (which is most of the time) -although below 20fps I seem to be getting just “depth reprojection” what is not as good - are you using reprojection always on or automatic in the settings?
Also I am using the open XR timing overlay to get my FPS and info - the overlay background seems to change from green to blue and red - assume red is bad but anyone know what the colors signify?

Also has this new feature got anything to do with the insider program? - I got it after my open XR updated itself…?

red = under requirements for Motion Repro (fps below the minimum < refresh/4 in the latest preview)
blue = motion repro active (refresh /2 or /3 or /4)
green = no repro active so above max framerate possible (fps > refresh rate)

It’s available outside of the insider program.

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thanks for the answer!
1)so if its appearing as blue means you should be getting full motion reprojection - from my experience so far if I maintain 22fps am getting this full motion reprojection - although sometimes I see the words “depth reprojection” - what does this mean?
2)is it better to set the reprojection in open XR to auto or always on? (note I can usually maintain 22fps but sometimes over cities it will drop below)
3)where did you find this technical information - is it in a manual or website?

I have a 2080 super as well, but with the latest OXR tools and latest Nvidia driver / reprojection always / preview on / oxr 70 / taa 80, I still see this wobbly stuff happening through the prop… Are you NOT seeing th at at all ??

My 2c - “wobbly stuff” is the motion reprojection artifacts. The more repro is happening - the more artifacts you will be seeing, and 4x would be more than 3x repro. There is a prop mod to make lighter prop that should make less artifacts.

Thanks everyone for your comments, and also for clarifying that this isnt just for the insider programme :slight_smile: For those who are not sure what this all means, I would definetly recommend Steves (VR Flight Sim Guy) channel on youtube and in particular the last 2 videos he posted today regarding this very topic…

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With my setup (details below) I’m not getting much luck locking to 22.5fps. But I have had good results getting it to lock to 20fps and using 60Hz in Windows>Settings>Headset Display
I’m getting consistent Blue color with the Frame timing overlay from OpenXR, and it’s super smooth with some decent settings of 70% OpenXR and 90% in MSFS

[Edit - I updated windows and played with some settings and I’m now getting better results locking to 22.5fs with 90Hz mode. Not sure I will stick with it though]

Ryzen 5 5600X / 3070 / 32GB / Nvidia 457.30

No luck here.
I managed to get 22.5FPS locked with MR, but there are massive artifacts and its not really smooth at all.
So I switched it back to off with relatively smooth 30fps and without artifacts. It definitely looks better to me without MR.

Radeon RX 6800

I’m not sure it’s relevant, but with Oculus ASW there was a strong advantage with Nvidia implementation. It was admitted somewhere that they use Nvidia driver/hardware heavily in that. ASW was great on Nvidia cards and awful in Radeon. I had to sell my 5700XT because I couldn’t make it work in VR with X-Plane. My older 1660 was smooth with ASW, when Radeon looked like ASW wasn’t working at all. It’s possible that WMR reprojection also works better with Nvidia cards. I’m yet to test mine…

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Yeah, thats exactly the reason. AMD cards are junk for VR.
I tested Oculus Link with my RX6800 - it was so bad because of the build in video encoder, massive artifacts. Motion Reprojection is not working at all.

The sim constantly crashes with my RX6800 and HP G2 headset - for months now. (I’m not the only one with this problem)

Don’t buy AMD for VR…

Yes, that’s why, for every plane I fly in VR, I replace the “fast-propeller” texture with one I’ve made, with alpha at zero, that is completely invisible. No wobble, and that’s probably more realistic, I don’t think you should be able to see a prop turning at 2000+ rpm.

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Yup, that’s correct. You can’t see the prop at all at 2000+

thanks a lot for the advice i downloaded windows 21h1 and the latest openxr and it works very well with rift s too! now it’s a pleasure to fly … i9 9900k 3070 32gb ram headphones rift s