LatinVFR KMIA is nice!

Hey Gang. The new KMIA by LatinVFR is a winner. If we could get Asobo to fix the weather/wind situation, and we could get a nice AI program that could match the real world Ai to correct models and airlines, parking at the correct gates, this thing would transform big time.


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LatinVFr and Flightbeam. Now Flytampa awaits.

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It is! Hopefully they realeses LEMD as soon as possible, as the default one is not that good.

Default LEMD not so good??? Lol


Did you get to try the LEMD from this guys for p3d?

Any noticeable frame drop from the addon, other than the Autogen from downtown Miami?

Mines on ultra: 40-45 (wich is superb).

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