Lesson Learned

So I learned something interesting last night.

I was flying out of Minsk UMMS at night on VATSIM and was cleared from 31R because ATIS said 31L was closed. Loaded up the A32nx MCDU etc couldn’t see the runway to select my departure. Looked on Navigraph no problem. Then looked on the VFR map not there.:thinking: Hmmm… I then checked by being God and changed to daylight and was very surprised to see that runway 31R didn’t exist! I PM’d the ground controller the situation (didn’t want to embarrass myself asking over the network where the runway had vanished too) and he was understanding and sent me on way from 31L instead.

So the lessons learned always make sure the airport is up to date with the charts. :joy: Turns out Runway 31R opened officially in 2019. Hopefully this is updated at some point along with the missing airports. But thanks to Vatsim Team Belarus for being cool about the whole thing.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience that we can all share and have a laugh about.


Make sure to report this to Zendesk, there are false airfields collected
and possibly corrected at some point :thinking:

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