Let‘s sum up the new bugs

  1. Aerodynamics
  2. Scenery elevation problems introduced (example: EDDS)
  3. Taxiway lighting incorrect
  4. Floating lights
  5. ?

Maybe it‘s helpful to continue this thread without commenting what you‘ve found in a negative way.


I think there are already multiple posts on this, as well as a long zendesk list of items.


Where did Southampton photogrammetry go after world update 3. It was great before, but now its gone.

“3D Photogrammetry is missing in the Portsmouth/Southampton area with the latest update and currently shows as auto-generated buildings. Our team is currently investigating.”

KNOWN ISSUES (Last modified: Feb 18, 2021) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)

Thanks. Glad it’s known and being resolved.

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You forgot the new FPS dropping to nuthin for minutes at a time bug


if you had used the search function you would have known …
It’s extremely tiresome to come across the same posts again and again and again.


Aw, do you need a hug?

Camera on C172, C208 and CJ4 are a bit broken. Eventually also in other planes.
I mean the cockpitview and landingview. Isnt able anymore to lift the camera up. But you can move it down to your feets, for whatever. Eventually some has some footfetish?

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Camera broke Voting:

If you make an IFR flight plan in World Map, the ILS frequency is not automatically entered in MCDU.
The happens mostly when you choose addon airports.

EGLL Approach runway 9R. Elevation issues

Someone’s having trouble with keyboard/joystick bindings:

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“Nearest airport” was missing in the ATC window for me during a flight after the update.

MPTO International airport is still missing.

In Kathmandu the Changu Narayan Temple is now gone. Was there before the UK update but sadly now it’s gone after the update. Some how and slowly my community folder is becoming a waste basket with each update. If you see my temple laying around anywhere please let me know or return it ASAP! There’s a free cookie for the one who restores it.


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