LFBD to KSEA Achievement


I don’t know how I managed to pull it off. There was a waypoint east of Greenland that sent my Autopilot into a tizzy that required manual intervention to fix. But after changing the autopilot modes, it didn’t show on the actual autopilot, and changing the waypoints didn’t change the FMS display. There were other bugs, too, but I’m not sure if it was the airplane, or me! Probably a bit of both.

Then, when I was 99% of the way here, my autopilot goes whacky again, and somehow I turned the autothrottle off, and couldn’t get it back on, so I had to manually control it. Meanwhile, on final, I’m starting to run out of airspeed, altitude, and ideas all at the same time, but somehow I didn’t crash and managed to put the b1rd on the runway. Keep in mind this is literally the first time I’ve ever landed it!!

Flaps down, flaps up, speed, angle of attack, all gone wild! I can’t even imagine what someone in the back might have thought in between my midfield downwind all the way through touchdown, but I got her shoehorned in and nobody died! (Plus the aircraft was useable again, bonus!!) Two difficult achievements accomplished in one flight.

First few photos are from going feet dry over Greenland, the rest are at the gate at SeaTac after landing. Don’t think I’ll be flying the 787 again until someone (PMDG, I’m talking about you here…) makes a really nice version of it, where everything works, and works right, including the EFB and even the circuit breakers lol…



You should have tried this mod to fly this trip, more stable AP and FMC: :wink:

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an Atlantic crossing, with an arcade plane, I say GG!
without irony, I congratulate you.

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@Pieloth, well, I didn’t have it for the LFBD → KSEA trip, but I have it now, and it does seem to add useful features to the FMC. The plane itself still needs a lot of work, and likely payware treatment for it to be done right, but this does make it at least somewhat more useable. Thanks for the link!

@Fmgc320 @CptLucky8 if you guys are not aware of this mod, I’d give it a thumbs up and recommend that you give it a try.


Agree, the 787 systems and FMC need additional work to be correctly flyable without bad surprises during flight :upside_down_face:
I found the Simrate function of this mod pretty interesting for a long trip, I remember having some similar panel addon in FSX, was cool to use it during airliners trips

Wauw!! GG!!

@ImDrako2132, believe me, nobody was more surprised than I was. And not only is it an “arcade plane” (I like that term btw), it’s also literally the second time I’ve ever flown it, and the first time I even tried an approach and landing. Without so much as watching a single how to video on YouTube or getting any other sort of instruction.

I’d rate it as partially miraculous.

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Just reading the OP’s note, I knew instantly this was the B787 default from Asobo – it’s terrible… and Asobo should have improved this plane since they charge premium for it.

That said, the B787 mod here is AMAZING. He’s doing the best he can thanks to the dumb DRM files, but if you fly the 787 this is a MUST download.


Is it my imagination, or is the 787 also an absolute resource hog?

IRL or sim haha! Both, I presume! Lots of electricity, number-crunching screens and electrons flying everywhere on this plane LOL.

Got some time to catch up? I’m free!