Lfmn nice 2

It keeping crushing at nice airport LFMN

Which airport are you using. The Asobo or paid one? I don’t recal if there is one or two different paid versions.

I haven’t been there recently, but have flown there many time and never had any issues.

I don’t recall if I have the Asobo or paid version. I will check tomorrow, or later today since it’s already after midnight here.

Me too
Been trying to fly from LFNM to Barcelona keeps CTD
Ex Tenebris

Same here (on PC). Not sure since when, but if I rotate the camera “too” quick, the game freezes. I’m aware of the recommendations in this forum that it might have to do something with the “Next Pilot Perspective”, but unbinding this did not fix it for me.

I just hope it’s somehow fixed with Sim Update 8.

Yes exactly what I was experiencing whether it was a default aircraft or addon
I’ve just tested again and it seems it is the LFMN scenery…I think lol
Tried the Banderiante at EDDF to tax the system and it was ok as was C172 etc
Tried again at LFMN and if I panned view it froze at 3fps
It’s only one try so going to plan a full IFR FP from firstly say EDDF to LEBL and if ok will try again starting at LFMN
Hope this helps
Ex Tenebris

Hi All,

Well it seems I’ve solved my CTD’s for now lol and learnt a valuable lesson as well
Just completed a 1hr full IFR flight from EDDF which is a most taxing airport on my system and no CTD
Tried several aircraft including addon Banderiante and no crash or low 4fps
It seems I had a conflict with the default LFMN scenery.

I couldn’t believe it could be the default scenery so didn’t check it …lesson learned

So I’ve sent a NOTAM to self that LFMN is closed to all aircraft for 2 weeks at least lol to see if the glitch gets ironed out. In the meantime I’ve sent my AirHauler 2 pilot to collect the aircraft and cargo and I’ve knicked his Aircraft out off EDDF to carry on making enough money to buy our DC6-b …all that lovely cargo space :laughing:

Anyhow all I can say is it’s taught me a lesson and Hope anybody else having issues gets theirs sorted and if I can help in anyway I will, because when this ■■■■ sim works it is fantastic
Ex Tenebris