LFOU from the market place causes a CTD

Just a heads up, but LFOU from the market place causes a CTD, weather flying to it or loading at it!.

Habe die Scenery auf Marketplace erworben und mittels MSFS installiert. Ein Start dieser Scenery ist nicht möglich. Wie kann ich diese Scenery deinstallieren oder auf welche sonstige Art kann dieser Fehler behoben werden?

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It does so since last update ( In content manager there is a note saying: “Newer game version required to update”.
If you try to fly from a nearby airfield, like LFOD, you can see your plane on the runway and THEN you get CTD. If you try to flay from LFOU it will CTD every time, when you click on “Fly” while on the world map.
So, I did send a note to Zendesk.

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Thanks, I hope they fix it :slight_smile: I have a few scenery like this.

Today, there was an ingame update and 3 airports, one of them being LFOU, had an update in the content manager. Installed that and now no more CTD, when starting a flight from LFOU. :smiley:
Problem solved!

Mine still says Version 1.00

There has been an dev update yesterday, and if you bought LFOU via the MSFS Marketplace, there should be now a notation in your content manager, that you can upgrade. It does not upgrade automaticly. After the upgrade, you should have LFOU v 1.1.1.

Mine is version 1.1.1 and still I get a CTD

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Sorry to hear that you still have CTD. Then something else must be causing it. Try removing the LFOU add on and then try flying from the default LFOU airport. If that goes well without any CTD, then reinstall the LFOU add on and try flying again. If you again have an CTD, then send a ticket to Sendesk (Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com).
Good luck.

Default LFOU works fine. This 8s such a shame. But the add-on LFOU doesn’t work. I tried it in the community folder, the official folder, on it’s own no other add-ons.

Today, LFOU goes CTD again. So, there is a structural problem. On another topic, I was told following
payware airports causes CTD: LFMD, EGTB, LSGS, S20, GCGM. About GCGM, I did notice that myself.

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If you Delete it and download it and then start at LFOU it is ok. But after any restart of MSFS it will CTD. This needs to be fixed, another waste of money. EGTB Also for me. I even tried these airports on their own with no other mods…always a CTD.


Same problems here. LFOU only works one time after the first install. On second load it crashes. EGTB crashes on first load on my end. It seems to conflict with some addon aiport from the marketplace. I did not find which one causes the problem since all others work without a flaw. I already emptied my community folder but this doesn’t help. So it has to be some airport bought at the marketplace.

I bought this airport in the current sale, same problem. CTD as soon as I try flying from it. Default LFOU is fine.

It’s not or seems it will never be fixed. I have reported it 3 times now.

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I’ve raised it through Zendesk. Had an email from them, it’s been re-classified as a bug, apparently.


I dont think I will buy anything else from this dev until they fix it. Seems to be a big problem going on for months now, well since its release. Terrible situation, you buy it and cant use it.

In an other thread, the conclusion is that the airports, available in Marketplace, do not get the latest update needed.

This evening I had an CTD with the Asobo handcrafted airport KSEA Seattle-Tacoma International. So the problem might even bigger.

I bought this scenery last year, It still does not work, I have emailed the Dev, Asobo, tickets everything. Its a mess, please either tell the developer to fix it or give me a credit or refund. This is a joke.