LICJ Punta Raisa duplicate runways

Through Orbx I have this scenery addon installed.

Just landed there and there are duplicate runway lines everywhere. So did a search of LICJ in my content and it lists this addon plus the SU9 (Italy & Malta (9Gb)). Have reinstalled to see if that sorts it out but any other suggestions?

You have to uninstall the default Asobo LICJ for the Orbx one to work properly.

How do I uninstall the default Asobo LICJ? In Content it only shows the Orbx one and the SU9 (Italy & Malta).

Right there in Content, doesn’t it show you an uninstall button?

It doesn’t. So I’ve uninstalled th4 Orbx one.

Asobo’s version is IMHO better anyway. I posted some comparison screenshots after the Italy/Malta WU. See this thread:

Airports in the new world update - Payware versions - Third Party Addon Discussion / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Totally agree.

Hi there,
Although LICJ has “scenery” in it, it’s really an airport product, so I moved your thread to Third Party Addon Discussion > Airports.

In order to uninstall the Asobo version, you can do this:

  1. Search for LICJ:

  2. Click the blue button that looks like a bulleted list:

  3. At that point, you should see LICJ break out separately, and you should be able to click it and delete it:

Thank you N316TS, that actually worked.