LIML procedures linked to taxiway L (old runway)?

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Arrived yesterday to LIML, wondered why Longitude FMS gave warning that LDA only 1972ft (601m) available and runway too short. I looked at the maps and it should be 8012ft (2442m) so I disregarded and landed. Today departed from LIML. SID track seemed to start from (maybe old runway??) taxiway L which is close part in charts and again TODA 1972ft. So system not recognizing current rwy 17/35 at all.

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LIML RW old 18/36 new 17/35 has been discussed time ago See attached link

Hi @Puttishuu82 ,
Looks like your issue is same than the one reported by @crazyhorsejesol, could you please confirmed ?

Affirm, same issue, my report can be closed. :+1:t2:

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Topic closed because it is a duplicate.