Lines across scenery / aprons

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lines across scenery at certain altitude

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Slew above ground until tiles pop up

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Windows 10
RTX 2080 SUPER DRIVER 471.68
GSYNC- ASUS PG279 2560X1440

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Microsoft Store

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Seeing the same issue and consistently for Vanilla MSFS and with Zinertek and REX textures too.

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Seeing same thing also,at night they appear electric blue,particularly across runways,just another issue to add to the list for me unfortunately


Hope it gets fixed soon, looks terrible.

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Im going to give the sim a rest till the next update coming up,too many issues right now,i start a flight and im just not enjoying the sim too busy waiting for a bug or CTD,so dissapointing.

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Since I’m not the only one, lets start voting for this thread so they see it and do something about it!!