Link to latest SDK

SDK Documentation

New link:

Link is not working for me.

Try this one:

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That one worked. Thank you!

SDK Documentation


Am I the only one who can’t change the install location anymore?

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No, it was the same for me!

Thank you very much. For some reason the download link within MSFS is just not working for me.

This was weird. Like others the download link in MSFS didn’t work. So I downloaded the core from the link provided and installed the SDK. I think at some point I restarted the PC and the dev menu in the sim has changed so there are now two links in the menu system, one for the core and one for samples. I’m not sure whether the restart changed that or installing the SDK core changed the menu.

Final point. Please let the user choose the install location for the SDK. Forcing people to put it into the C: root is bad practice.

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Are we just missing it or is there really no way to install it in any other drive all the sudden? My C drive is full. I can’t install it if I can’t move it to another drive live I have been doing with the other versions.

Yep - seems the opportunity to set an install path is gone which is very poor IHMO

Use shell command to change path

msiexec /i MSFS_SDK_Core_Installer_0.14.0.0.msi INSTALLDIR=“G:\MSFS SDK” /qb


Thanks - that is very helpful

Additional. It’s required only for CORE SDK installation. All others SDK parts will automatically install to CORE installed path.

Thanks. I now believe there is a bug in the Core installer and the Browse button should not be greyed out, I have reported it so hopefully it will get fixed.


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msiexec /i “path_to_.msi file” INSTALLDIR=“path_to_install_directory” /qb


msiexec /i “T:\MSFS_SDK_Core_Installer_0.14.0.0.msi” INSTALLDIR=“T:\MSFS SDK” /qb


Thanks this works well. Just something I don’t understand when installing documentation part the installer still using space on C: drive, more than 1000 MB if I’m correct. But all the documentation files (~900 MB) is installed correctly into Core folder. Welp at least it works for now

Do we leave version installed alongside version

No, uninstall all older versions first.