Linking or Using a Stock Asobo Aircraft Sound File?


I would like to know if its possible to connect a plane to an existing Asobo airplane sound pack?

I have tried linking through the classic way used in FSX and P3D, but appears not to be working in MSFS.

Perhaps it is possible to request permission from Asobo to use a soundpack? I wonder if that is possible?

Many thanks for any input.


There’s an improvement package for the payware Emb-110 over at that aliases the King Air sound pack. You could probably download that and see how that author did it. But the issue with that is many of the sound events don’t work right when you alias them to a different type. With the Emb-110 aliased to the KA, you get “Autopilot Activated” the instant you turn on the battery, even though the AP is still off.

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Hey Tom,
I found it. You would reference the location in the aircraft config in the sound line;
Sound = “…\asobo-aircraft-someplane\sound”

The first time I tried it, it didnt work when I rebooted the plane. But when I rebooted the sim, it functioned fine.

So what line would I use if I wanted to use the default Asobo a320neo sound to replace the FBW sound? I tried messing around with some of the lines but haven’t gotten it to work.

In the aircraft config, within the parentheses, you would put in;


The forum editor hid the code… its left slash, dot dot, left slash, dot dot, left slash, name of plane folder, left slash, and sound.

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That did the trick. I’ll post a screenshot for anyone else interested.
Screenshot 2021-09-13 174706


Is it possible to do the opposite? Due to hardware limitations I cant use the FBW A320NX so Im back in the stock Asobo A320.

However I really miss the excellent FBW A320NX engine sounds.

Will this aircraft.cfg trick work the other way round? - make the stock Asobo use the FBW’s engine sounds? Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

Yes it works I tested but I have a question: is ir only for the engines or it will change the flaps sound too and like cuz: I like the PW1000G howl and i wanna put it on da fbw A320 so I choosed the Virtualcol Embraer E2 190: plane is bad but the engines are amazing cuz its pw1000G. So if i replace the FBW_A320_NEO thing by the embraer , will the flaps, the geae, the autopilot, the gpws etc… will stay A32NX or they will become the embraer ones?

Sorry @KatanaDV20 , I do not know what you mean by ‘the other way around’. Apologies.

@A320PILOT2018 , that would be nice if we could link in particular sounds from various planes. I do not know. No idea. Havent tried.

I too love certain flaps sounds of certain planes, click sounds from one, flaps from another, and engine soundpack from still yet another. I do not know of a way to retrieve exact target sound sections from multiple sound packs.

Would be cool if we could create a soundXML that could pull addresses of sound locations from other planes in the sound sections of the XML.