List of Keyboard Commands and other Peripherals

hello i am a fairly new fs pilot.
I am looking for a list of functions and key combinations of joystick, mouse and keyboard.
a short list that I can print and use under the flight.
sort of a quicklist
I can’t find it like that in the game

I’m not sure that would be possible given that people can remap controls and key bindings easily.

You may want to take screenshots of your controls by filtering on “Assigned” in the Controls Page then scroll down making sure controls fill each page. For Steam Users, that’s F12. Not sure what it would be for MS-Store version.

Hi @OldRumble402632,
There was a post with keyboard mappings but may have been removed with the new 30 day last post limit.

I’ve attached some keyboard mappings that I saved from August. It may have been updated since then.

Hope this helps!

fs2020-kbs.pdf (194.7 KB)

Keyboard Camera/Drone (small print):
keyboard_util.pdf (80.1 KB)

Keyboard (large print):
keyboard_util_large.pdf (60.4 KB)

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I have modified your subject line and moved your post into Peripherals.

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Search is your friend: For example, a search for “keyboard controls” points you to:


Note that these are default mappings; anyone can change mappings to whatever they want. Good luck.

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What a great help
thank you