List of payware or freeware aircrafts I would love to see in sim

This is list of ‘‘birds’’ I would love to see in sim, most of them already exists for FSX or P3D, like Aerosoft’s Airbus and CRJ, PMDG’s Boeing, Carenado’s or A2A general aviation planes, etc… But with full functionality (like PMDG’s level or at least Aerosoft’s), FMC, fuel, air, hydraulics, etc…

Don’t judge me for diversity, I get bored flying on one type or few types, I love to fly different day, different aircraft. Even some older types, which doesn’t even fly today IRL or they are in limited service.

I hope 3rd party aircraft devs will see this.



  • A220 -100, -300
  • A300 -600
  • A320 family (A319, A320, A321, non neo, neo, LR, XLR versions)
  • A330 - 200, -200F, -300
  • A340 - 300, -600
  • A350 -900, 1000


  • 737 -300, -400, -500, -700, -800, -900, -900ER, (MAX8, 9, 10 or how it will be called after they return them in the sky)
  • 747 -400 (all versions), -8I, -8F
  • 757 -200, -200F, -300
  • 767 -200, -300 (with their version F, ER)
  • 777 -200, -200F, -200ER, -200LR, -300, -300ER
  • 787 -8, -9, -10

McDonnell Douglas

  • DC-10 (at least one passenger and one cargo version)
  • MD-11/11F


  • 42 and 72 (passenger and cargo)


  • Dash-8 Q400
  • CRJ700
  • CRJ900


  • E170 (or 175)
  • E190 (or 195)


  • S340


  • C337
  • C208 (cargo version)
  • C172RG


  • DA42


  • PC-12

Others are welcome to add more aircraft on the list.

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You missed out Britten-Norman Islander. I don’t know how any sim could be considered complete without it! :slight_smile:

  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

  • Airbus A400M Atlas

thank you :cold_face:

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Yeah, I forgot impressive cargo carries, like C-17, also An-124 or IL-76.

Corben Baby Ace.

I would love to see the Learjet 45 and Kodiak Quest seaplane!

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I think it could be great to see the Piaggio P.180 Avanti

It sounds fantastic if nothing else!

Piaggio Avanti II, Daher Kodiak

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You don’t want a mighty A380?

DC8 would be great.

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SIAI-Marchetti SF.260

I second the Cessna 337 Skymaster. Would love to see that modeled. It’s a personal favorite. Remember to taxi on the front engine only on a hot day! :wink:

The other Cessna that I’ve never seen modeled is the Cessna 177 and 177RG Cardinal. I know it had its share of issues and detractors, but it is one of the best looking Cessnas every built IMHO.

The other that has been mentioned in the thread is the Italian executive turboprop called the P.180 Avanti. We used to get those in and out of KSBP until the outfit flying them went bankrupt. There was an excellent model for FSX.


That is one of the top aircraft to have Britten Norman Islander I wonder if the Flight 1 can be converted ?

MD80 for sure - I believe Leonardo confirmed this would be developed? I’m not 100% sure

Possibly, there were some good ones in the past.

Can’t believe no one has added the DHC Otter or Caribou yet either!

This list will just go on and on :slight_smile:

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DHC-2 Beaver
Pilatus PC6 Turboporter
Pilatus PC12

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I want a clasic cessna float plane.

You have a solid list. We have some overlap.

I am not a fan of freeware aircraft. I’m willing to pay a premium for the stuff on my list. Study level (A2A level) preferred.

C172 from A2A
C188 AG Truck - I will never get a study level crop duster, but I can dream can’t I?
C208 cargo with steam gauges
C210 Centurion
C310 - Milviz will release one, but their stuff stops JUST short of A2A quality. Def buy though.

Piper Comanche from A2A
Piper Cherokee from A2A
Piper Cub from A2A

P-51 Civilian from A2A

DC-6 from PMDG

DHC-2 Beaver
DHC-3 Otter
DHC-6 Twin Otter

I need all that by next Thursday. OT approved. Thanks.


I am not fan of A380. It is engineer marvel, but personally, I don’t like how it looks, somehow it looks dumb. :confused:

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How 'bout some classics from the early Jet Age? The B707 and 727 would be fantastic, along with the DC-8. And how 'bout a B747-100 and the first generation trijet competitors like the DC-10 and L1011? Heck, we need a Concorde too.

And alt-history fans want a B2707 based on the last design before cancellation.

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