Little NavMap in VR

Little NavMap is running fine ‘in-game’ using this handy tool:

the only issue is that is does NOT run in VR. I only see LNM in-game when running FS2020 on the desktop, the moment i go VR the LNM window is gone, clicking the LNM button does NOT bring up the LNM window back up like it does on the desktop.
I’ve tried running FS in windowed and full screen, i switched to VR before and during flight, i’ve rebooted and restarted… but alas, not joy!
Anywone have any ideas?

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As far as i remember, if you look on the program’s github, someone explains in the “issues” section how to make it work in vr after some update broke it.

There also is another alternative from rafael santos, which i used and still works ok to this day. It’s not free though.

Definitely works in vr if you look for the mod as quoted above

I repclaced the old *.spb file with the new one from there and it all works now!


Would appreciate if you could provide some link(s) on how you got it working

1 Like - Ingamepanel NAVMAP for Flight Simulator v1.6

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No bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-little-nav-map do not work
I test latest version and do not work in FS2020
I search a tools for display Little navmap in fs2020 in VR

I tested ingamepanel NAVMAP for flight simulator 1.6, my opinion
I will install and test Ingamepanel NAVMAP for Flight Simulator

  • Icon Display in toolbar : OK
  • Open Navmap in real time : OK (change map in Little navmap change in ingamepanel)
    But Ingamepanel NAVMAP for Flight Simulator not good :
  • no tracking of the aircraft : KO
  • Zoom not possible with mouse wheel : KO
  • no movement of the map with the mouse : KO

managing the char in flight takes too much time.
It’s not realistic, in real flight the management of the chart must be fast
I By this tools but I wouldn’t use it
goot flight


About your comment:

  • Icon Display in toolbar : OK
  • Open Navmap in real time : OK (change map in Little navmap change in ingamepanel)
    But Ingamepanel NAVMAP for Flight Simulator not good :
  • no tracking of the aircraft : KO (OK, the plane is followed by the map, you have to press the “YOU” button and the map will go with you. Config LittleNavmap for this too with the toolbar of the application)
  • Zoom not possible with mouse wheel : KO (OK with the own toolbar only)
  • no movement of the map with the mouse : KO (OK with the own toolbar only)

The main problem of this panel is the API from LittleNavMap with the integrated webserver. That API doesn’t allow me to do zoom or movements with the mouse because the map is served by LittleNavmap directly with coordinates that the application reads from FlightSimulator directly. Sorry, but I’ve tried a lot of times and I can’t add mouse wheel.

The map goes fast but it have a little delay because the png image is served by LittleNavmap, but it’s faster the other panel VFRMap from the same pack. I use both at same time and it’s the perfect complement. - Ingamepanel VFRMap Enhanced for Flight Simulator v1.9.3


Thank’s for your response
I will try VFPMap, VFRMAP can it display flight plan ?
I Will test
Best Regards and Good Flight

I keep looking at this toolbar, but the website comes across as being so dodgy that I can’t bring myself to order it.


Please, help me to improve it.

I tell you seriously.

If you want you can buy it from Home - FlightSim.Com Store

MSFS Utilities - FlightSim.Com Store

Do you prefer a nice Wordpress template?

Please tell me more!


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I think it is too cheap and people think it is a fake website.

Could that be the reason for what you say?

For some reason, most aviation and sim aviation sites seem to be that way. That retro web style seems popular.

Looks like a nice addon.

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Are you the Ingamepanel developer? It looks like there are some great plugins on the site!

I’m looking for a panel to help in VR that can display basic aircraft settings (such as trim, flaps, etc.) that can be hard to identify while flying in VR. Is there anything like that available?


No, I don’t have any panel like that. But I could try do it. It’s a good idea.

Give me a few days! ;D


Thanks! I’ll definitely be subscribing. I’d love to try some development too but having too much fun with the sim.

My thought is we could possibly eliminate tooltips and replace some of the HUD functions we lose going to VR. Compared to real life, there are just some things that are hard to see/feel in a VR cockpit.

I’m often playing the trim guessing game. Only way I have in a Cessna 152/172 is to grab the trim wheel with the mouse. I’ve crashed takeoff a few times when trim somehow got maxed out.

I have assigned a throttle lever to handle the trim.


Logitech G Flight Simulator Throttle Quadrant

](Logitech G Flight Simulator Throttle Quadrant para naves multimotor)

Today I discovered (TIL/TID) with SteamVR, you can make any desktop window bound to an Oculus controller like you are holding it. You can’t interact with it using a mouse or other controller but you can pick it up like it is a tablet within the sim and get a crisp view. I had to put another chair in the virtual copilot seat today for this.

This is probably known but with SteamVR you can bind a running window to a VR controller and pick up the window like it was a tablet. I had to get another chair for the virtual copilot seat so I could rest the controller there.

There is no interaction since it’s external to the sim. But my most desperate uses for littlenavmap are finding my way around on the airports, so I just kept the zoom high. The ability to pick up the map makes for super clarity.

I may give this a try with one of the G1000s in a window view.

The Web server for LNM just doesn’t seem to be working very well.