Little NavMap in VR

Little NavMap is running fine ‘in-game’ using this handy tool:

the only issue is that is does NOT run in VR. I only see LNM in-game when running FS2020 on the desktop, the moment i go VR the LNM window is gone, clicking the LNM button does NOT bring up the LNM window back up like it does on the desktop.
I’ve tried running FS in windowed and full screen, i switched to VR before and during flight, i’ve rebooted and restarted… but alas, not joy!
Anywone have any ideas?

As far as i remember, if you look on the program’s github, someone explains in the “issues” section how to make it work in vr after some update broke it.

There also is another alternative from rafael santos, which i used and still works ok to this day. It’s not free though.

Definitely works in vr if you look for the mod as quoted above

I repclaced the old *.spb file with the new one from there and it all works now!


Would appreciate if you could provide some link(s) on how you got it working

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