Live Dev Q&A Agenda (September 29th 2021) Video

Where is the video link so we can watch?


NOTHING was said about the problems we have with Bush Trips…So sad.

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But yes. They said SU8 would be all about bug fixing. Was this issue posted and voted for in the Q&A topic? I searched for bush in that thread and nothing came up. So maybe it’s a question about creating more momentum?
A simple answer also could be: triage.

What makes me a bit SAD is that once again complaints come first. Why not cheer about everything else they said first?

See this thread for a great summary: 29 Sept Q@A Some Key points

I’ve watched the entire stream just now and I only can compliment everybody involved with what they already have achieved and are trying to achieve in the near future. The future of MSFS2020 surely looks very promising.

So from me a big thanks to everybody for pouring in everything they have to build this majestical sim! And thanks for taking up two questions I happened to have posted. The answers were loud & clear!


SU8? Wow ,we have to wait for SU8?

And maybe even longer when this issue doesn’t get enough traction from the community. Apparently not many people experience this issue or find it more important than other issues. It is not in the top 24 bugs list so maybe it won’t be fixed for quite a while. What was clearly said though is that Zendesk is the way to go. Everything gets triaged from there.


No mention of how they approach Quality Control.
It does not seem to be a thing, they just test and release whatever, they don’t have quality standards clearly defined.

I have been paying monthly Game Pass Ultimate for a product I cannot enjoy due to crashes for too long.

I will not be renewing it next cycle, and may be coming back in 2023 to reevaluate this product then.

Maybe this product will stabilize before, but I don’t wan’t to waste time with half baked releases anymore, or be an alpha tester for the next 18 months.

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