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Hi everyone,

We tried out a new formant for the Dev Q&A and I’d love to get your thoughts. We had 4 topics to guide the questions for Sim Update 3 that allowed the devs to do their homework more to give a better presentation, while keeping any of the top community questions to the Live Chat portion. This was due to the repetition nature of the top questions as they wanted to give more insight into the Update instead.

Please answer the poll if you watched the show:

If you watched the stream, do you like the more in-depth look into the Update (with visuals, etc.) and guided questions?
  • Yes, I liked the guided question format to delve deeper into certain topics
  • No, I want them to answer the top community questions
  • No preference

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I loved this current format.

It gives the team some time to prepare in-depth answers (instead of 'eeehm, we’ll look into that), and I feel the added video’s brought a lot of clarity to the pretty technical answers (less need of interpretation on the viewers side).

Great format, loved it, more of it please.


Will the uncrossed questions be ported automatically to the Q&A Next week, or will we have to send in our questions again in a new topic?

I quite liked how the format turned out, especially with the visuals, though I think it would work best if it were done every other Q&A, perhaps after each Sim Update where it should be the most relevant. Receiving an update on the top community questions every two months would be reasonable in my opinion.

So for example, the next Q&A which will follow World Update 4 should answer the top community questions (which were last answered in the January Q&A, enough time for the team to have made substantial progress on those matters), and then guided questions with visuals for post-Sim Update 4.


honestly, this was by far the best and most informative Q&A so far and I hope you keep it this way.
It was fun to watch and felt very transparent.
THank you very much, this improvement is highly appreciated from my side!


I do like the idea, nice one Jayne, however I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t find the link to the Q&A video so I haven’t seen it… Is it in a pinned topic somewhere? Does this need to be more visible in the forums? It might be me though…, it’s been a long day!

Ah ok I found a post and I have this bookmarked! :slight_smile:


I like the new format - 2 reasons:

  1. Team was better prepared to answer the questions.
  2. More important - the host still has the courage to ask the difficult question from the chat (FPS after Sim Update 3), so it not turned into PR show.

Selected no, as there was not a lot of room for other questions than the guided ones - as the again degraded LOD in SU3!

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If anybody having seen this Q&A still thinks that Asobo consists of a bunch if people that are only concerned about their business model and not about their users, I don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve stated it multiple times on this forum: Asobo cares about the community. This again was a shining proof thereof. I want to thank everybody for their efforts and energy to coordinate this and give people the opportunity to communicate directly with the team. Great work! :facepunch:t2::grinning::+1:t2:


But did you like the format?
Some more time available for direct community questions is valid feedback, but I don’t think there was more time for that in the previous format either (unsure though, didn’t count the minutes).


@Jummivana I know its probably not the right place to post this but in contrast from what has been said in the developer Q&A, this issue has not been solved. I think they meant the flight director issue, that one has been solved.

I just did a test at LDDU (localizer runway 11, identifier: IDU, frequency 110.10), the bearing pointers are still pointing towards the localizer antenna.

Otherwise a constructive Q&A, great improvement over the old format, much more depth into technical matters!

Edit: to be sure I removed the working title G1000 and tried again with same result.


In theory I’d think that the voting system is the better one as it is the mirror what the community wants most. Problematic about voting is that the first posts in the QA category could get more votes than the most recent ones. It could be a combination of both systems, which requires more work: Define categories and let people ask, close after a week, then let people vote on the questions gathered till this point. Then define the most usefull questions for the Q&A.


Where can i view the latest Q&A please?

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Voted no, because a lot of very important thing were outside the proposed questions topics, and live chat seems useless, it’s flooded, nearly impossible to take the time to pick a good question.

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thank you very much!

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Do you feel there was more room for that with the previous format? I feel there was around as much time for direct community questions as in the previous format (around 15 minutes). And Twitch chat has always been like that. Not surprising giving the hundreds of viewers.

They’re not asking if you liked the format, they are polling to see if the new format is better than the old one.

As I replied to a previous poster as well; asking for more time allocation for direct chat questions is valid feedback in itself. It’s however not what this poll was intended for.

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LOL, in what world will I find better something I like less…

Maybe you find it better, but thankfully we live in a world with various opinions

Ya know, when Jummivana herself added a ‘like’ to my question in the Q&A thread, I really thought it was going to get asked.

Silly me.