Live Q & A via Twitch

It wasn’t a fascinating answer. It was a good attempt not to answer the question that was asked.

Surely you can see that?


If you don’t want to wait on the YouTube video, here’s the Twitch VOD.

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Didn’t catch it all but when he was talking about visualising wind/turbulence did he mean well be seeing lines or arrows or something via an Option?

Contrails are coming! Later, but they are coming.

The conversation started to go towards liveries when asked about AI traffic. I asked again to bring it back towards AI traffic, but won’t push a third time live. I will send out a message to see if I can get a written responses instead, perhaps its a topic they needed to think more about instead of answering it live. It can often be overwhelming for them when put on the spot though I believe we all do our best on these streams but have definitely made some mistakes whether on me or on the team. Hopefully each dev Q&A going forward gets better and better! Apologies.


I thought it was another really good q & a. I think the lack of clarity is more due to the community doing a bad job of clearly explaining issues. Topics here cover 20 separate issues or are vague “autopilot issues”. As for the “improper” answer to the AI question - why not express it more clearly. “Why is there a lack of AI traffic - some airports have no AI and some have only a handful”. Much better than a general “any improvements planned for AI” question the community comes up with.


The other airport was Friday Harbor, in my home beautiful San Juan Islands, WA.

Line it up with all the 3rd party airports for the region and once again the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to fly in and just keeps getting better.

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I’m not sure this is the section you are referring to, but he “did” talk about how the sim will need to handle weather situations of up-drafts, to the tune of 10,000 FPM updrafts, and how it has been dialed down on purpose. Myself as a junior aviator wouldn’t know how to react in an updraft like that. That is why the flight model is tuned down to compensate for “real weather effects” and how they are flown.

He touched on lines/arrows but they are not sure how to “teach” us amateurs how to handle this situation.

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So it’s now confirmed they’ve dumbed down the sim to a game, as expected.


Considering the thousands of requests and bug reports that have been filed i wasn’t expecting them to have memorised them all. Thats why they go in a backlog to be triaged at some point. I am on this forum everyday and I didn’t know about this one.


Bad question from the community. Ask specially what you want to know. Long rambling questions asking about any improvements planned to AI can cover a range of topics.

As for the rest of your comments I would advise you to remember the devs are not on trial in a court of law and dont have to answer to you because you chose to buy a game.


Maybe you wanna take a look at these threads - just the first post - and compare how those have been “translated” within the Q&A:

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I believe they really do not understand our questions so they have no answers. There has been a communication problem from the beginning in alpha and beta. Plus none of them are pilots with multiple hours in multiple aircraft? So what can we expect. As the saying goes if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck it is a duck.


A dead duck if you ask me!

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Should we, as a community elect five very experienced pilots to represent us with questions for each Q & A session?

These pilots would listen to our issues and test them amongst themselves and “they” would come up with the list?

“We” need to come up with that list and give them a few days to read it over before the Q & A.


You could be correct but they will get another cash infusion with the Xbox release so the duck is flying on one wing for another year or two.


No need to apologise at all. I certainly appreciate all your and Asobos efforts in trying to answer the questions


Thats exactly my point. Look at the AI question! People here are saying they didn’t answer why there was little AI traffic in the game. Then ask exactly that! Asking half a page of AI questions on a live Q and A is a recipe for missed answers. Ask one specific direct question and you will get one specific answer.


Thank you for that.

I understand your position and thank you for asking the question.

Do please update us all if you get a written response.

Thanks for this. Getting some written answers to the more complex questions is probably a good way to go although appreciate the time that would take. There were a number of weather related questions not covered either, although the explanation around METARs, MeteoBluedsta and the world map etc was very helpful.