Live Q & A via Twitch

(The stream starts at 7 minutes 5 seconds).


Huge news that DFW airport is getting modeled in November. Hooray!

Also big performance upgrade for CPU-bound issues with higher GPUs.


Yeah, this whole thing is just a marketing show. Would be surprising if this product suddenly became high quality.


Fascinating discussion around liveries and AI models:

“We are trying to obtain a license for literally ALL airlines and manufactures and have people dedicated specifically to this effort.”

“The challenge is that airlines and manufacturers have other problems right now.”

I can only imagine how difficult this is:

Asobo: Hi - can I speak with your legal department? I would like to obtain a license to draw representations of your aircraft in a simulation.
Boeing: Sure, let me forward you to their voicemail, and they’ll return your call as soon as they finish dealing with the 53 individual billion dollar+ lawsuits they are processing related to the 737 MAX. WHAT THAT FRANK? OMFG, ANOTHER MAJOR CUSTOMER IS BANKRUPT? Sorry, I have to go…

You have to admire Asobo’s aspirations and their dedication to getting some of the features done such as real-world liveries and more AI models under the absolute WORST circumstances possible.


Just gonna say that at least they have this developer Q&A. I think they are being transparent and you can see they are trying their best.

A lot of community questions are being answered so it’s good to have this Q&A (ie. their answers on the SDK today).


Some news (live in progress):

  • Update 6 will get 6-10fps increase due better cpu handling, no more bottlenecks, and better hyoertreading also
  • New AI models on next sim update
  • Dallas, Atlanta, Newark airports on US update (and one other but I did not understand)
  • A320 landing better behaviour
  • better light night textures
  • Always difficult to obtain company agreements for liveries

yes AI traffic answers were not what the questions we made we should make again another thread for the next month devs questions until this guys gets to know what happens cause they even talked nothing about ai traffic logic, i started thinking they don’t read the forums just count votes and read the titles cause a lot of the thread have very detail information of the bugs and things that people think should improve


I would have thought a “community manager” would know something about what the questions mean, but regarding AI and weather - oh my!


Same, like the airport lighting question. The way they responded was like it was the first time they’ve heard about it.


With this and other Q and As, it’s looking more and more that whomever these guys are, are clueless.


Transparency is key to the success of this sim. iRacing has been doing it for years now and it works.

Tell us what you fixed and we will confirm your fixes. Every fix.

Thanks for the Q & A session!


Independently of specific topics, the best news IMHO was that the sim is seen as a success within Microsoft. Asobo is hiring on all fronts, the future looks good!


I love a lot of this news…good stuff. Seriously, though, I’m really wondering why go through the licensing process for ALL airlines and manufacturers. Seems to me an easier route would be to offer the tools to the freeware developers and let them go with it. Freeware would require NO licenses.


I wonder if they’re hiring new talent because they are dispensing with the services of the current programmers.

Totally no response to the subject of lack of AI traffic.

Regrettably, it sounds that either:

a) Asobo/MS do not see it as a problem
b) they have no answer
c) they do not want to increase AI traffic because the consoles cannot handle it
d) they are simply waiting for an expensive third party to come to their rescue - as I suggested they would some time ago.

With regard to not being pushed to answer the question that was asked…the community manager could have done considerably better imo.

The only good part of the ‘answer’ was that they at least heard the question.

Disappointing to say the least.


When does Twitch post the full replay? I was daytime job limited when it streamed live.

We’ll post the link when it’s on the channels!


Thank you.

It’s up already