Live Weather Does Not Match

yeah, I’ve been playing around in thunderstorms and hurricanes since release, same winds and negligable turbulence no matter what. I also dont think the advanced flight model is doping anything, I see none of the stall buffets and behavior they were showcasing in their videos


Submitted a zendesk support ticket. Flew out of Florida this morning down to Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. The winds were accurate from 5000 feet descending into Marsh harbor, on the climb out back out of the Bahamas the winds were back to the usual 220/3 as they were on the mainland and enroute.

chewwy94, streamed to 1k people his encounter with an hurricane with 3kts winds. I don’t really understand why there’s no offical statement or why the community is not annoyed, I guess eye-candy beats everything.


This is bad. This is one of the biggest parts of the game. I purchased the ultimate version of this game and am disappointed. I’ve done more research on the weather bug.

  1. Alot of the time the ATIS reports close to the correct wind based on METARs however, the wind is not correct on the aircraft reading. IE ATIS reports 180/8kts. Actual wind is 030/4kts.

  2. The same thing happens with clouds. ATIS report is different than actual weather.

This is a joke and makes the game almost worthless for using with vatsim because vatsim relys on real METARs for operations. It’s not on the known issues list.

REAL LIFE METARS need to augment the current weather system. Don’t just snap a satellite photo and try to redraw the clouds you see. There are forecasts for pilots all around the world in including winds aloft, cloud bases and estimated tops. NOAA has everything for the US, but it really comes down to using good old fashion METARS to augment the current weather system in order to keep it as accurate as possible.

Thanks for all of your work so far. A lot of stuff looks great and the game shows some real potential for the future. Please, please fix the weather. You know if I was in Alpha I would of told you this right away but apparently you sent invites to a bunch of people that are worried about true to life BBQ’s in the game and other stupid stuff that is pretty much meaningless (except the animals and birds).


Yes, i have the same problem. If i start the sim, live wheater works fine, and then when i go in the main menu live wheater is broken everywhere, only when i restart the game it works for the first flight.

Please make sure you file bugs to ensure it is in the top issues. If you see this list, Live Weather is not a top known issue

These are a collection of questions for MSFT/Asobo on Live Weather

Anyone fly in hurricane Laura? 225 @ 3 knots? Looks crazy though.


When I load up and get to the main screen this afternoon Laura is still hundreds of miles offshore in the gulf according to the “live” weather. Lake Charles is enjoying a partly cloudy afternoon with 15 kt winds.

The Verge publishes an article about people flying into hurricane Laura with beautiful shots and, listen, a Meteoblue statement about how great the weather is… Nowhere it says that winds are 3kts everywhere.

The lack of any official statement was bad, a self-congratulation article is worse.


Ugh, its amazing this isnt driving more people nuts. Ignorance is bliss. Hurricane that doesnt show up for half of us, and the other half is a hurricane with gusts up to…3 knots :joy:.

I hate to be that guy, because I love the sim otherwise, but I ALMOST booted up Xplane last night just to get active sky going with some real (but quite ugly) weather going. For everything this sim does perfectly in the “immersion” department, its just starting to feel kinda dead for me until this is addressed. :cry:


I’ve stopped using MSFS almost since release date, cause Live Weather just worked the first few days. So I use X-Plane instead to get som decent weather. I don’t like using the presets. I’ve tried all the tips I’ve read in the forum, but no luck for me, and I also filed a bug a long time ago. I also think it’s amazing that it isn’t driving more people nuts :smiley: I would have beeen nuts now if I haven’t had X-Plane… But the immersjon in MSFS is so much better, so hope they fix it very soon!


Try finding the .exe file where ever you installed it and right click and “run as administrator”.

Sometimes I have to restart my game a few times before live weather works. But I do agree the accuracy could be improved

Same here!

i feel a big amount of frustration that I try to measure wisely so much it’s huge! I really didn’t expect such a lack of realism about the real weather! For isntance METAR/TAF tell you that it is stormy, turbulent mass air, gusty etc and MFS2020 provides clear skies or other “weird weather” even with CB but without any turb into the clouds??? It kills the immersion as a point you don’t want to go! … or you just don’t have the weather at all but CAVOK… Sometimes for some X reason it’s almost there, but you get to point B and the weather doesn’t match with the reality (METAR/TAF) of your destination, so that it is basically impossible to make a flight plan that mostly based on the weather conditions of the day! … anyway very frustrating, I can’t even do a single realistic flight or just enyoing the gorgeous panorama!

But the worst is that there is not a single word from MFS2020!!!

Yet they were so loud before the released date claiming that MFS2020 has the best realistic engine weather ever (selling point) so now we don’t hear from them anymore? How come! Even nothing for the next update?
Such an obvious failure should have been checked and fixed before the released date! But as a matter of fact if you check the list of bug-reports, there isn’t a bunch of legitimate complaints about the broken engine weather and that makes me worried, that shows that the majority of users do not care about this big part of realism that is missing, the corner stone of realism for a flight simulator: THE WEATHER!

I think they bought this game for other purposes, of course there is a place for everybody and I’m very comfortable with that because this game can create vocations as it happened to me with FS2004 and I’m still grateful for that! From simming I became a pilot and I’m still a passionate simmer even more now! without the sim it might had never happened to me! Therefore some simmers here for some of them who don’t know anything about aviation can be our futur captains tomorrow! :pray: :airplane:

Anyway, I do believe that so far MFS2020 is more an eye-candy very beautiful game (I’m still impressed and amazed about lights etc) but it is definitely not a sim especially if the lack of the minimum realism required allows you to fly a Cub in TS or CB without any danger that will occure in such severe conditions in real life even in XPLANE!

I’m not even talking about how the engine interacts with the elements such as OAT, mass air, clouds with differential of temperature, alti-pressure etc, it’s another disaster story it looks like there is no alterity which makes that game impossible to fly with POH (where Xplane is the best so far for all those things) etc but yes we have here beautiful fauna, lights, rainbows, clouds, big respect for the talent of the team and we also have some turb generated around and above the relief and some CAT the only realitic point that I’ve found in MFS2020… However it was supposed to be a Flight Simulator at the first place not a game !

At least if we already had a message from MFS2020 as fro instance : “Hey guys sorry we promised you the best realistic engine weather and we all know that it is broken and many of you guys bought it for that, we are working on it, a patch will come soon even before the major update! Be patient it’s coming” :thinking:
Maybe for Christmas ? Thank you Xplane you’re still there!

Ok let’s hope anyway… :smirk: because I really want this game becomes a flight simulator, there is so much potential, we just need a real weather and I’ll be ok to fly the DR400, one of the bird that has a correct flight model, not perfect but it’s ok, after A2A Simulations will come for study level birds but it’s a MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY to get an Engine-Weather for MFS2020 now!!! I mean a realistic one as it was planned based on a miryad of advertisings and youtube videos… so what now ? What next?


Do you get correct winds? On ground and aloft?

Winds have been an issue for a long time. It’s never correct for me. Other wx details are correct.

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Yeah always run as admin. As stated before winds aloft and general weather accuracy only seems to happen in europe for me. Sometimes the conditions are CLOSE enough in the US, but the winds aloft are ALWAYS 225@3. Which is a major fail.
I would Be interested to hear if it actually works in the US for you. If so, youre the first person Ive spoken to where the winds aloft arent 225@3 with live weather in the US

I think we need to make an important distinction. Live Weather CLOUDS are working. Live Weather WINDS are NOT WORKING. Just frustrating that it is such a prevalent issue and not a word from Asobo. I know at least 3 other people personally that all agree that the winds are stuck at 3 knots from 225


There has been some bugs before mentioned of ground wind always being stuck at 270degrees at almost every airport. Sure this has something to do with it being a bug still not fixed. Last I knew they were looking into it

I’m in Montana, USA. Winds on ground and aloft are generally 225@3 (sometimes 7). The only thing that is accurate is clouds and rain (barely), sometimes fog, sometimes visibility due to smoke (fires around here). Tomorrow is forecast 30MPH (48 kmh) winds so I’ll see what it does; besides make the fires spread.

To be honest, I think it is something they have to fix on their end and not on our end, because all we get is the information from the server(s).

I am sure that they know about it, but it doesn’t show up on the tracker list simply because they fix it on their end.

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Yeah I cant imagine this being a fix that we have to download. Because it DOES work, just in select places. Which is grossly different than what was advertised. They know its broken, they have too, they just cant/wont admit to it. Its legit the only true fail besides the install issues for some with this sim.

They were quite open about the simplicity of the default planes systemwise, and also quite open about how the scenery is a work in progress. They really hyped up the global nature of this weather system, its totally borked, and they aren’t acknowledging it publicly :cry:

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