Weather Questions for MSFT / Asobo - In Priority Order

@Skeedorr @Jummivana Given the multiple conversations about weather in the forums, I’ve taken the liberty to prioritise the questions that have been coming up. Could we please request a response to these issues from MSFT / Asobo on what is the reality here?

Also, I would say this is a top 10 issue based on reading the forums. I understand they are busy with post launch but I think this is an important part of the Sim that isn’t working right now.

1. Winds Aloft - Why are winds aloft outside of Europe 225@3kts consistently. in N.America, Australia, S.E. Asia etc

2. Inconsistent Surface Winds - Outside of Europe, even with predicted weather, the winds are sometimes 30 - 180 degrees off. Is this a model issue or data issue? This seems to be also a pattern of First Launch with Airport and then moving to another airport after a flight.

3. Flight Planning Screen vs. ATIS vs. PFD - As it stands today, those values don’t match a lot of times. What value is the real value the system is actually getting? is source of truth the PFD?

4. ATIS Clouds - ATIS in N.American airport seem to always brings clouds as few 1100, few 4100, few 12000. 3SM visibility. This is not accurate? Why is ATIS doing this?

5. Convective Activity - We’ve seen videos, screenshots of customers going through hurricanes in GA aircraft. Obviously the convective activity and if winds worked would cause air frame fatigue. Is this modeled today? or a future item?

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I’ve listed the questions that I think have come up in the 4-6 threads that I’ve seen so far since launch. If you see something I’ve missed, please add it as a question in reply.

I would like this thread to be ONLY Questions. No opinions / thoughts.


Another live weather issue to add to that list, that is consistent and may be related to the wind issues. Clouds appearing in the ground or growing out of the ground seems to happen every day in the afternoon in the USA.


Here is another question… Live Weather never depicts thunderstorms, why can’t it?


THANK YOU, for capturing this. I have all the same issues. Not great. And yes! low clouds/fog mid day. Overall the weather engine is busted. Today it was clear skies with a few cloudswhere I live, 21C… In the sim live weather, it was RAINING, overcast… IFR… huh? One more thing to add. The windsock. If you are far away from it, it is fully… ■■■■■. Then you get close and it drops. So when you overfly there is no way to tell the active runway. Also, the ATIS doesn’t give accurate info… so no way to know what the active is. Frustrating, hoping ASOBO is seeing this feedback


my wind is 225/03 everywhere outside a few places in europe. not just aloft.


There will be monthly Q@A with Asobo, perhaps these can be asked. The things is issue might came from METEOBLUE, Servers and so on etc…because it’s inconsistent from Europe to US.

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I just tried to fly through a tropical cyclone and the sky was clear with no wind, HOW?


This is an excellent thread that accurately summarizes the current state of the weather system. Thanks for tagging me, and some of the development team too!

I would add to the ATIS errors, that I always seem to get a reported dewpoint of 10 degrees C as well.


Why is it that when I look at the IRL weather, I will have cloudy skies and rain for hours, when I load up the sim, it’s clear skies, not a cloud in sight. Seems to be very location dependant. KDEN has never had correct weather.

Even if I rely on the forcast that says afternoon storms, the game never shows so much as a cloud.

I’m flying with my dad at the moment, to Innsbruck. It’s cloudy here, and I’m getting clouds, but he’s got clear skies. Seems hit or miss, needs to be improved, accurate weather is important to immersion.

We’re both on live players and live weather.

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Its quite ironic that in order to play in certain multiplayer modes, live weather NEEDS to be active with the assumption all players will see the same conditions isn’t it lol?

Thank you for making this list. Sadly the dev’s and all deserve all the negativity at this point. Could have been avoided with some legitimate feedback to the community on all levels of social media. Simply saying that they will prioritize this issue and it will be front and center on their fix list versus saying it’s backlogged which nobody knows what that means. I am hopeful they will resolve this in the next patch but we have no evidence of that.

Yeah i got the response that they will put this in their “backlog” and look into it as well.
I mean in one way, in the grand scheme of things its not as serious as the people who still cant install/ get CTDs etc. its still probably the biggest issue with the sim once you get it up and running. Its simply not working as advertised

  1. How does Flight Planning screen present Weather - Is it Live and using the same data as Metoblue’ Website? is it Predicted based on another method? Here’s an example of just launching the game to see where the Hurricane is.

Metoblue website vs. In Game Satellite comparison. you can in the Game it is still over Mexico vs. in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico

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Another Question for the Devs:

Why does live weather never depict thunderstorms?