Live weather no clouds


For some reason live weather does not work for me. I often get the correct wind, pressure, and temperature but if the METAR says there’s any clouds there are none for me.
Everything works except clouds, is there a way to fix this?
I tried loading in with a preset then switched to live weather once in sim but that does not work anymore.
Tried running the sim as a admin, once again no progress.
I tried switching servers and again I did not have any luck.

Please help

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Cant help, but its interesting. I get clouds with my live weather setting. Im on an older, but buf for its day, pc.

Make sure you are not using Dev Mode…that will cancel all clouds in the sim

Dev mode still does that? Interesting. I thought that was a SU8 bug that appeared at the same time my runway textures/ortho were broken.

I sat on the apron for a good 2 hours yesterday at my local airfield in dev mode while doing some instrument coding. And it was quite cloudy out (same as local weather here).

Dev mode by itself doesn’t disable clouds unless there some specific setting in there I’m unaware of.

it has always done it for me…not a big deal as I usually have Dev mode on anyway for design work…if I need to see clouds, I just turn it off…

Dev mode, plenty of clouds

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I’ve had this issue since the latest hotfix. It’s not always the case though. And usually on my second or third flight weather is back to normal.

I have this issue as well. Its pretty much every flight. The pressure and temps are all good and the live METAR shows accurate for the area, but its always clear skies. I am currently flying into chicago, which based on the METAR should be IFR conditions, but there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

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But the thing is that METAR isn’t the source of weather everywhere. Look at Meteoblue page to see if that predicts clear sky at your location in the sim. I’ve seen so many people compare the weather with METAR when we should compare it with Meteoblue since release. What was the predicted condition at your location on Meteoblue? The thing that should match in the sim for sure is the ATIS. Check that if that matches the weather condition as well? I know it doesn’t all the time but it should match all the time. If it does not then Asobo needs to fix ATIS.

Same goes for me… Ever since the latest update, NO live weather. Wind and pressure are live, but no clouds, rain etc… Totally unacceptable, but based on everything else this program has not delivered, not surprised… Ho Hum… the beat goes on…

Happens for me as well from time to time. This morning en route from LEPA to EDDK, overhead LSZH there were still clouds but by the time i reached the Frankfurt area, not a single cloud in the sky, while both EDDF and EDDK had BKN clouds reported. Winds, temps and pressure looked accurate. As far as i can remember this is happening since the last update.

Automated METARs give readings like that in the real world too. The way it registers information is basically shooting a signal directly above it. At the airport I learned to fly there were times clouds would be in the area but no in the area of the ASOS signal so you would see clouds, but the ASOS would register a clear sky. Sometimes there would be some cloud cover that would maybe be scattered but because of how the signal interprets data there were instances where the METAR would read an overcast sky. Since the sim’s weather is driven by METAR data, if a real world METAR shows clear skies then clouds won’t load in even if they are present real world.

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Very rarely have live weather working. The world map is usually cloud free every time I load the sim and that means no matter where i select it is always cloud free. Even if departure box is showing overcast it will be clear in the sim.

Is this a server issue? My connection is fast so and my computer high end so shouldnt be an issue my end.

Ive had the sim since the start so know how to set up correctly and not in dev mode (although never a problem before with that.). I get maybe 1 in 10 attempts to create a flight that actually works. Shame as ive given the sim a break recently and was looking to get back into it but after this time live weather is still broken, at least for me.

I’m having the same problem. Pressure and winds seem to be working with live weather, but no clouds. I’m on PC, hard wired to internet, no add-ons.

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I have the exact same problem.
As soon as I am in Dev Mode, just no clouds…

Michel Beaulieu

I have the same issue… has this been resolved and if so, what did you do to fix this issue. thanks,

Check that post: No clouds live weather - #3 by DementedCorn327