Live weather not showing any clouds

can you please help me with this issues im using live weather and its an overcast weather in barranquilla and yet no clouds in the sim

i experienced that the live weather is hourers behind the real world weather. maybe that is the bug which you experienced.

seem live weather is bugged since SU6 i think

yes unfortunaly for me too. the life weather transition isnt no more smotth, hours some times days behinde the real world weather, less cloud formations etc. It were so good before SU6.

this is really frustrating i went to KMIA since weather right now is cloudy and yet same results no clouds in live weather

yes its frustrating. i dont know what happened in the background. i think the new metasystem gets in conflict with the older weather system. because of the 2 datat sets that are provided for the msfs.

hope SU10 might fix this i hope

I hope also so. i think we will always be a bit behind live weather. because if you want live weather to the secound accuratly around the world. you would need a network(1000+ satallites) from satalites that have only the quest to track the real world live weather and send it directly to the servers of MSFS.

Are you using dev mode? If so try turn it off.

The METAR seems to suggest there should be a few clouds?

not using dev mode

Now it’s cloudy :laughing:

BTW, your topic was moved because it was not in the proper bug report format, and because there is already a bug filed for this: