Live weather not working!

Seems like every topic gets closed that reports this issue. Well, live weather is STILL not working for me, and I’m reporting this again, anyone else having this issue?


They need to leave one thread open for people to vent.


The sim full stop is not working correctly, it’s either ctd, blank screens, no live weather there are some mega issues with the sime that need to be addressed ASAP, I am on xbox and it’s bad, o yeah and not to mention the lack of conten for xbox, no decent aircraft, ie flybywire, no navigraph integration, no vatsim, the list goes on, that’s my rant done, xbox need to get something sorted so we get the same experience pc users get, if I could afford a pc that will play this I would switch, but unfortunately I don’t have a couple of grand to spare


Erm there is no new information about this issue per se.

It is an acknowledged issue:

There is nothing anyone here on these forums can do about this issue and we are in the hands of those that manage the servers to fix it.

With that being said I think there may be a thread coming that probably should be left open if folks feel it necessary to report that live weather is not working :wink:

Thread here:

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