No live weather today? [January 1, 2022]

I wish I could pay more to make the servers more reliable. Oh well. Happy mildly disappointing new year…

This is too bad. Hope it clears up for the vatsim NY event tonight.

We’ve already paid for the service. Giving them more money won’t make them any better at keeping their infrastructure running. It’s been a mess since SU5 with constant semi-regular outages.

Don’t count on it. Asobo won’t be back in the office until at least Tuesday, since Monday is their day off for New Year.


I mean, if it was a subscription and they had to pro-rate for outages like the cable company, they might prioritize their server stability a little higher.

Yeah, don’t count on that. lol

A little tongue in cheek here.
It should be the opposite.
They should be reimbursing us, for having paid for services we don’t receive!


In the last British Avgeek streaming you can see the last Live weather issue with two consecutive engine failures after take off

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The only reasonable thing they should do at this point is open up the weather to thirdy party developers. Period.


I wish they could at least give us a time frame – other companies do a much better job keeping their players in the loop in situations like this – the style and frequency of communication is one of my main complaints with Asobo.


The current issue (Live Weather completely offline) is most likely a problem with the servers at Microsoft and nothing to do with Asobo.


Agree with you. Much more communication would be good. I don’t blame the moderators though. I think they give us information if they have some. They said that they should update us if they get any new information.

We would need to find some candle lights :slight_smile:

no weather !! today

Live Weather aside, is the rest working fine?

Overall, it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is. We paid MS for a service. They’re failing to deliver said service in a reliable manner. Whether it’s their hardware causing issues or stability issues with Asobo’s services running on said hardware (I would suspect the latter), the end result is the same. And this is a Microsoft product, not an Asobo product. MS are ultimately responsible.

Only Asobo are the ones that maintain the services and are the ones with the finger on the switch to cycle these services and get them running. But it’s a long weekend. And unless you’re in the service industry or emergency services, pretty much no one works in France on weekends or holidays.

We may get lucky and someone will reset it before Tuesday morning, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


From last 2021 dev update…


Prophetic, or as the literary world likes to say, foreshadowing.

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This older post of mine pre-Xmas was hidden, but I think it was the same foreshadowing. lol

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Per the banner at the top of the forum, we are aware of the ongoing issues with Live Weather. We will provide an update when we have more information to share.