Live Weather Reports and Discussion

DEFINITELY all the issues that are major need to be addressed and pressured for sure!

This can’t be emphasized enough. Issues have to be logged, that helps them with the prioritization and lets them know what is most important to the community…

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To all and whoever flagged my comment; truth hurts doesn’t it?


Yesterday I flew some sectors in UK / Ireland and the winds were reflecting the real life conditions. Over Indonesia today, while the ground / lower winds aren’t much, the upper-level winds are matching to Meteoblue

The numbers are on the money -

Northerly winds at about 55km/h , which is about 29 kts !

YES I know this! everyone knows this!!! This weather issue has been reported to Zendesk ad nauseam

A quick reminder the Alpha/Beta NDAs are still in place, you are not allowed to discuss pre-release versions of the simulator.

For more information please view this post: NDA Reminder for Alpha/Beta Testers.

Clearly there seems to be an issue with lower and ground level winds not working. Wind seems to be locked at 1-3kts everywhere. Report to Zendesk.


Guys, let’s keep things calm and not go into toxic areas please. Yes there’s something wrong about weather data, let’s report that in Zendesk, that’s what it for after all. Also please do not mention “A” word in any comment - we’re not talking about that at all.
Back to topic:

Checked and rechecked. It’s really random thing, more often then not it works. Sometimes it is just as MattJ253326 mentioned - no ground level / low level winds when there should be. I think it’s a synchronisation level error - something doesn’t get pushed through for some reason.


Tested a few locations and live weather was incorrect all the time according to the METARS… really really disappointing

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I always have the issue that it’s fine and accurate (enough) the first time I launch the game and the first flight (and I can restart and it’ll still be up to date). Then when I go back to the main menu and plan another flight, the weather live data is gone and it’s clear skies everywhere. As such, if I want to fly with live weather, I have to restart the game. Then it works again, for that one flight, and then I’d have to do the same. As artscout said, it feels like it’s something to do with synchronization. The game on my end is not receiving the live data, or the servers are not sending my game the data. Hopefully it’s just to do with server load at the moment as the rest of the game has been great.


in the recent q&a asobo said there was no intention of the weather matching the real world metars. they are using a 3rd party weather model which may or may not correspond to the real world at any time.

Ive noticed the same behaviour for the free flights

Then how is it supposed to be LIVE weather, if it doesn’t match with metars?


oh thats been my question ever since they said it.


I think it’s intended to at least try and be similar to real world data, while not exactly matching.

From what I understood, they take the data received from the real world and use that to generate data in game. So the weather won’t be an exact match, i.e. if you’ve got showers, it might not be showering at the same time, if you can see three clouds spaced apart a few miles they might have them in a different configuration etc etc. But the goal is to have them be at least similar to the real world and more importantly be synchronized between players.

Of course, I only have the same info as you guys to go off, so I could be completely wrong too.

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i think thats correct. its using a model from meteoblue, which presumably does use real observations, but that model is all we have in the sim… the ACTUAL observations (metars) are not used.

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Using metars to inject weather is flawed as it only provides minimal weather conditions at and in the vicinity of an airfield. Furthermore, a metar can not possibly provide information on cloud layers above a low overcast ceiling as the instruments can not detect these higher cloud layers.
The use of the NEMS global model data from meteoblue is a far superior means of injecting global weather as it takes into account weather everywhere across the world and not just airfields. Therefore, proper and realistic representation of frontal systems, cyclones, MCS, MCC and a further plethora of mesoscale and synoptic weather phenomena is possible in the sim.


Don’t forget that 2 paramaters are essential in aviation, not only clouds and winds, but also temperature and QNH : that’s the info the metars give. Switching to live weather, you only get the standard atmospheric conditions : 15° C and 1013 QNH. Moreover, these parameters cannot be changed ! This is unacceptable for a game that is supposed to be a flight simulator. What will happen then if we want to fly online ??


If by online you mean VATSIM, I seem to recall that they inject the weather into your sim. So even if you selected clear skies as soon as you connected to the network the weather would change to be live/accurate to whatever degree they can manage.

Maybe a better solution is to use METEOBLUE when METAR data is not available instead of completely ignoring current live conditions. In almost every video I have seen of the release version the infamous 225/03 pops up.

Can’t wait for the “Magic Build 225/03” cups and tshirts merchandising. My money is ready.