Live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown / certain time flown

Just happened again flying over the eastern US. It would be really nice if they could just at least give us a way to restart the cloud injection without having quitting to the main menu. Wouldn’t be a true fix but would give us somewhat of a workaround.

I changed my MSFS server from Auto ( I live in EST zone) East US to West Europe. 4:30 hours into the flight and clouds are still there! I’ll keep you posted.

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Update: it seems changing the server has resolved the issue for me! 6 hours into the flight and clouds are being injected nicely.

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Good contribution but yesterday I had the same loss from lAX to Chile and I did the same thing but it didn’t really work… I have to do the test again tomorrow

Make sure you change the server before starting your flight as it didn’t work for me middle flight.

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Alright. I’ll keep it in mind for tomorrow with the Antonov 225

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I’ve tried this with no luck. I have also flown for longer than 6 hours before the bug appeared. Sometimes it’s 3 hours, sometimes its 11. No set time nor duration.


Changing the server should not make a difference. All servers should be working with the same information (and have the same bugs). The optimal server is the one “closest” to you.

Well it did for me! However, it can be just a coincidence. I’ll set another flight and see how this one will go. I also remember back in time when I was using FSX with IVAO weather, sometimes changing IVAO server helped to get a more accurate weather (i.e. visibility and clouds).

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MSFS connects to multiple discrete servers whenever it runs. As far as I know, the one server you can “choose” (US EAST, EUROPE etc.) only applies to multiplayer. You have no direct control over which servers you connect to for streaming scenery, Live Weather clouds, METAR. ATC etc.

I do not use multiplayer, AI traffic or ATC. I do use Live Weather.

On my machine, MSFS opens TCP/IP and UDP connections to at least 5 (and sometimes as many as 10) discrete IP addresses when it launches, and those IPs geolocate to a variety of locations. I am physically located on the US East Coast, and MSFS typically connects to Azure in Redmond WA, or Portland OR and/or Chicago, and Akamai Technologies near New York City.

It is likely that MSFS downloads an internal network map when it first launches, containing the IP addresses of all the various servers currently online, and the particular ones you connect to are based on the geographic location of your internet gateway IP, and perhaps using current server load or ping times as a secondary criteria.


Update: Sorry guys, it was just a coincidence. I can confirm now that changing server doesn’t do a thing. Gave it another try for a really long flight from Toronto to Dubai and no clouds after around 6 hours of flight all the way to Dubai.


Had the cloud bug again today after weeks of good clouds.

I have had the same issue a few times. Especially when flying east from the US to UK (London, Heathrow). If I fly to the US it seems to be ok but when flying back to the UK the clouds will stop showing. Winds, temperature are all there and up to date but clouds disappear. Airport weather information will always say its Overcast if it is supposed to be but no live clouds will be visible.

This was posted from the notes of the recent beta .19 patch regarding weather changes:

  • Fixed an issue that would potentially stop the game from retrieving clouds

Oh I missed that! Nice!

Still an issue for me on long flights. After 4 hours I get no weather for the rest of the flight…I hope this gets fixed


Yeah sometimes I still have this issue after a long flight. Very irritating and ruins the sim experience.

I got weather up through around 7:30 hours before I took a nap. Came back around 12 hours in and the area I was in had no clouds, but I checked the satellite and it was the same. Had a CTD shortly after so no way to verify if cloud injection was still working for the rest of the flight. This was on Beta .19.

Were you on Beta .19?

Second long flight on SU12 Beta and it works fine. This photo is 11 hours after takeoff.