Live weather stuck on data from 16th May

As per the thread title, Live weather is once again not functioning properly.

This time it appears to be stuck on data from around 16th May so around 3 days old.

I think I have this too. My weather has been exactly the same for days now. I see the exact same cloud line just north of my home airfield every time. My real-world weather has had solid variation, but the sim is not generating anything different.

I tried restarting the sim, restarting the computer, manually setting clear weather, etc, but it always reverts to the same weather depiction now when I go to live weather.

The data on the map in the flight planner seems reasonably accurate, but when I go to the actual flight, it is not correct and keeps rendering the same thing.

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I’m in the same situation right now. What I’ve tried so far:

  1. Disabling/re-enabling online services in the Options menu. NO JOY
  2. Logging out of Xbox, closing sim, re-launching sim, logging back into Xbox. NO JOY

I’m not sure what other workarounds I could try. I’ll be able to check again later on tonight.

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Probably more like 18z on the 17th for last data. Metoeoblue had a good track on Cyclone Tauktae coming ashore in Inda at that time. I’m still seeing the same on the World map when in fact it is well inshore now. Cyclonic Storm Tauktae 2021 | Zoom Earth

Spawn in the sim at VADU for some proper weather, just from two days ago :slight_smile:


Not that it’s going to help, but I’m seeing weather that’s in excellent agreement with that displayed on r/w METAR. Location is Florida. I’m on the EAST USA server.

That could just be a coincidence. Zoom out on world map and compare to current weather maps to really determine your situation.

MSFS world map at 12:00 pm CST on May 19th 2021 and a satellite image from May 17th 2021


Same with German weather. IRL it was constantly changing due to some storms coming through with a lot of sun in between. For me the world map in sim is showing everything correctly in comparison to windy. But when starting a session with live weather the same big and massive rain clouds are everywhere just like it was on May 17th.

Will test this later again and take some screenshots.

my map weather does not resemble current real world weather at all. not even close.

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74 views, 4 votes. Unfortunately many people don’t seem to care. I do, voted and will add yet another update to my zendesk report.

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Possibly in-game weather is from May 17th, slight differences due to different time of day I guess:

GAME May 19th 2020Z (never mind the time slider, just set to daylight, it doesn’t change depicted weather)

SAT May17th, time unknown

I just checked and for me it’s still exactly the same.



Another WU (4) due tomorrow, I see that Asobo were going to “fix” this issue this time round? Or partially anyway as it’s noted for WU4 and WU6.

If so, the “old” weather may be something to do with getting ready for the update.

Or, heaven forbid, getting it REALLY messed up!

Isnt that due 25th or later?

I too have noticed no progression in live weather. At first I thought it was just behind at the time I had compared it to MeteoBlue this week but appears its literally not functioning.

According to my latest calendar :
05/25/2021 Sim Update 4
05/26/2021 ** Dev Q & A ** Twitch
06/24/2021 World Update 5 ---- Nordics Europe*

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Weather is exactly the same today as it has been since Monday. Can we get some sort of official word on this please? I have reported to Zendesk with no reply yet. @Jummivana


For me it looks like I now have May18th. weather, definitely not today’s situation:

GAME today, May 20th 1012Z:

SAT May18th, time unknown:

SAT today, May20th, 1015Z:

Sorry - I was going by the roadmap from the last blog update. Haven’t noticed any change but not, of course, surprised.

Jeah same goes for me weather is 2-3 Days old an everytime the same.

So im going to use the Unreal Weather Mod till this get fixed to atleast get some kind of real weather going for me.

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