Liveries Not Compatible With SU5 (the latest update)

Most of the liveries I had installed were from the website and now all liveries for the 787 aren’t compatible or well have a ugly pink checkerboard texture on the wings. My 747 liveries are fine but for some reasons the 787’s liveries are only affected if someone has the same problem please let me know so I know that this is the update’s fault.

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You are not alone.

Ugly pink textures means MISSING Textures …
Go to the painter and ask them to remake the json file

Pretty much all liveries are affacted by the update, for example try to look on the outside exterior view and then zoom out, you will notice that with most liveries the inside of the aircraft becomes invisible or change color. Going to be a long time im afraid that liveries get updated, then there are those that dont even make liveries anymore so most likely they wont get updated at all. I’m going to update mine at some point probably redo them completely and upload them there too.

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