Wings are now pink since su5

Since the debarcle of the SU5 update (i’m still trying to get the sim back to its former glory), the wings on most of the liveries from liveries megapack have now gone pink as in screen shot.

Has anyone else had this or know of a fix. I have unistalled and reinstalled all items in community folder and still the same issue.


Regenerate the layout.json, that fixed it for me

It sounds like Asobo changed something with how the liveries work which has broken a bunch of them. I’ve heard talk of liveries that are causing the whole sim to crash. There seems to be a lot of issues with 3rd party/after market content in general right now. It has been recommended by many people that everyone should delete all 3rd party content out of their community folders and wait for the content authors to update everything to be compatible with sim update 5.

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Also make sure your packages in the Content Manager are up to date!

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So I am seeing this also. Parked aircraft at airports are purple until I get close to them then the liveries appear and are normal. I believe this is a bug with update 5. Never had this problem before.


I’m imagining it’s an LOD issue. They probably aren’t applying textures properly at higher (lower?) LOD’s when you are at a distance. I’ve been seeing it on other planes as well. It’s especially visible on large planes because they are… large… So easier to see at a distance when less detailed LOD’s are being used.


Right…I don’t think I have seen it on the smaller aircraft. I have also noticed parts of jetways missing and I think others have reported this as well. Performance has greatly improved but the most annoying thing for me is these purple airliners.

I have an Alienware 15 R2 Signature Edition and I know it’s old by todays standards. Of course running around the larger airports looked like a slide show before update 5. But now at least it’s playable and smooth even with low framerates.

Hopefully these LOD issues will be resolved quickly.

I have pink seats in some of my GA’s! I guess we should be grateful we can get as far as having a flight at the moment.

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I have, I see it all over the place. The difference with larger aircraft is you can see more detail at a further distance.

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Regenerate the layout.json, at least on the 787 liveries. The LOD issues are different but the wings close up, just regenerate the json


How are you regenerating the layout.json’s? The script I have no longer works since I upgraded to Win 10 21H1. I’m not much of a Python programmer (understatement)… I can understand the code, but have no idea how to debug it.

Conincidentally the author is now a dev on the Fenix A320… that’s off topic though. Just drag the json onto the exe and boom. Remember to delete the entry for it in the layout.json afterwards if you move the generator into the package folder (next to the simobjects folder)


Hey friend – I just tried dragging 4 787 liveries using the msfs layout generator exe – they all did their thing (witnessed by the date of the layout file changing to July 29) however, when I launch the sim, they’re all still pink:

What am I doing wrong?

I had the same problem with the TBM 930. i Just update the texture.cfg of the livery . Asobo add some new lines on some planes. and this solve mi problem

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I appreciate your idea but I am not going to take the time to do this to all of my liveries. There are other problems. At night the only lights I can see on all of the AI aircraft are the cabin lights. Will wait for Asobo to fix it.

I don’t think they will fix this in any way that it will fix your liveries. You’ll have to wait for all the authors to do that, and you’ll either update all your liveries by replacing them with new versions, or make the necessary changes yourself. This is not Asobo’s issue. They made a change, now everyone has to catch up.

Asobo has no responsibility for anything in your Community directory, or anything you’ve purchased from the Marketplace.


I don’t know how many times I have heard that before. :smiley:

However missing parts of jetways is on them to fix and I believe that problem is related to the livery problem and other strange issues others have reported. It isn’t like the liveries are pink all the time…it’s mostly from a distance.

Two of the exact same aircraft parked next to each other, the same livery can look fine next to the exact same aircraft that has a pink livery from a distance…from a distance. LOD problem IMO.

Same with the jetways. I have seen a jetway missing a part and all the surrounding jetways are complete.

Has anyone noticed if any of the default liveries have this purple/pink problem? I might remove all of my third party liveries to verify if this problem applies to the Asobo liveries.

Yes, LOD problems with Jetways that Asobo created would be a problem that Asobo would be responsible to fix.

But that’s not what we were discussing.

We were discussing one of the causes of pink wing, which is apparently Asobo has added some bits here and there that require custom liveries to be updated to the latest standard, and now custom liveries need to be fixed. Asobo is not going to fix that. That’s all I was saying.

I renamed my community folder and started a flight at KLAX so there would be nothing displayed other than the default liveries. All the liveries were fine. So this sucks.

Hopefully fixes will come soon from third party developers. It’s maddening to get everything working only to have it messed up by an update. I don’t see any mention of this in the hotfix that’s supposed to be released tomorrow. But who knows, maybe we will see a miracle.