Wings are now pink since su5

Possible fix for the pink textures…

Since the SU5 Update, it broke the cockpit on my custom 787 livery when I was flying at night and noticed some glowing purple checkered item behind my seat and also broke wings on another 787 which had custom wing texture.

It turned out to be that Asobo added several new fallback lines that was not there before and the older texture files in most livery folders lacked the new fall backs which caused purple checkerboard textures on wings, fire extinguishers etc depending on what was being used in the layout file of the third party 787.

Just back up and replace your original texture.cfg with the updated texture.cfg file in your desired third party 787 liveries texture folder to add the correct fall backs if you are having problems.

An example would be in the community folder location as if the 3rd party livery was “787-ATW” and the texture folder was Texture.ATW etc.


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Updated it as in, downloading the livery all over and inserted the new one in the community folder? Is that what you mean?

There are no issues with Asobo default liveries for the reason @FlyingsCool5650 pointed out - Asobo have brought their liveries up to SU5 standard and 3rd parties now need to do the same

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You won’t see it in the hotfix because, from Asobo’s perspective, it’s not broken. They changed the way it works, and now 3rd parties need to do their thing, or you can use the workarounds in the previous threads until they do so

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Good day everyone,

I spawned into the sim for the 3rd time after sim update 5 and I look outside in the different views and the wings on the 787-10 are pink not white does anyone know how to fix this. the only addon I have is the crj700 and 550 from aerosoft. I’m using no mod unfortunately the heavy division mod froze all the screens on the 787 so I deleted it this version is the default. the vision I’m using is the Microsoft store. I downloaded the livery from I’m using vatsim when I logged in

Does anyone know what to do?

Thanks have a nice day

This would only work if the livery you downloaded has been updated to the new SU5 standard. If you just reinstalled the same download you had installed before, no, that won’t fix it.

But, if there’s no livery update posted yet, you can fix it yourself by updating the texture.cfg file in the texture directory with the necessary changes.

I’m sorry I’m not in a position to write out how to do that at the moment, I’ll try to do that tonight, if no one else does.

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The problem was due to asobo update texture.cfg file on the texture folder, they add new lines. I had the same problem with the tbm 930. I added this lines for this livery plane and the problem was solved.

The texture.cfg file for the livery B787 should be like this



Fot the TBM 930 shoulb be like this




When I tried with PMP’s 787ANA livery, I had to regenerate layout.json as well as modify texture.cfg.

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Well I think if you are not adding or removing or even rename files you dont need to update the layout.json. but it works for you great. nice tips. the changes on texture.cfg are need it .

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Thank you for basically repeating what I posted above. I get it. :smiley:

I have been a member of this forum since the sim was released and have followed the forum. I know the history with liveries when they had to be updated by the third party devs. I was being hopeful because I was thinking the livery problem might be related to the problems others are having with LOD. As I posted above I found this was not the case.

Thanks to Portu1408 pointing out the changes to the texture.cfg file. I know what to try and will report back my results when I have the time.

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Thanks for posting this. Were there changes to any of the other planes like the A320 or Cessnas, etc?

If other liveries are giving you similar problems, it is probably for the same thing. If you have doubts how the file of each plane should be, go to the origin of the texture.cfg of the base plane

(I’m at work and was just curious :slight_smile: )

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The only night lighting shown with the default AI aircraft is the cabin lighting. No wing, landing, taxing, logo or any other lights. What a mess…lol. At least those aircraft aren’t pink.

I was able to get one livery to work…

Thank you so much for the help but unfortunately wings still pink…

For me, I not only had to change the text in the texture.cfg but also had to delete 2 files from the texture folder:


And then change the layout json file and delete this line:

“path”: “SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_B787_10-LUFTHANSA/TEXTURE.LUFTHANSA/787_10_AIRFRAME_WINGS_ALBD.PNG.DDS”,
“size”: 2796344,
“date”: 132437052000000000

This fixed the problem for me. Hope it helps.


I have the same issue and it’s because of SU5

So how come, if people are only editing the texture.cfg file, people are regenerating the layout.json?

In the past, FS didn’t care if the size or date of a file in the list was the wrong size in the layout.json. I don’t see what else regenerating it would fix?

There is a fix on for the purple textures. The author has included new texture.cfg files for the 747, 787, A320 and the FBW A320. He has also included the Layout Generator.

So far I have put the new texture.cfg file in apx 50 747’s. They are no longer purple. But what I am seeing is the default 747 on some of them until they are viewed closer, then the livery appears. I also noticed this when the liveries were purple. I did not use the Layout Generator.

I have concluded what we have is a big mess although eliminating the purple helps make the issue less distracting. And there are serious problems with the lack of lighting on AI aircraft at night, even the default aircraft, and it’s up to Asobo to fix that.

I am not a happy camper. I spent many hours getting my liveries to work as AI aircraft and now I have to spend more time tweaking the files again for a partial fix. I might just wait and see what comes next.

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