Livery Creator for Xbox?

Any plans to add a Livery creator mode to MSFS for Xbox (and even PC)?

Most other games on the market now have custom creation tools. Like every sports game you can create your own uniforms, stadiums, logo’s, etc…

I know on PC customization is there but for Xbox, I think this would be a big win and attract more users.

There will of course some kind of tool built in to ban any offensive designs but most of the big companies like EA, 2K, SDS farm that out to 3rd parties. So not hard to do.


Me and many others been asking for this since Launch. I definitely hope this will be coming at some point. Would love an easy in sim tool just to make some nice liveries. A paint tool kinda like Forza and Forza Horizon has would work beautifully. Would also be great if we then had a way to share them too so people can download them all in game. But until we get that even a simple tool to change the colors of the existing liveries would be a huge step up.


I think NBA 2K is the only game left where you can create your logos and uniforms online and then download them to the game.

2 gen ago (XB360/PS3) all the big companies made it easy to do it online and download to the game but I guess too much liability so they stopped it. I remember FIFA, NCAA Football had nice and simple online tools which were enough to make simple or elaborate uniforms that were sharable.

I loved painting my own liveries for FSX/P3D, and I’d love to do it again. I was thinking of layered image files we could paint on with Photoshop or Gimp then upload to our game profiles, but an in-game tool could work as well.


Here is the official answer. They want to do it, but it’s not something that’s going to be done right away.

But if this is something you’re interested in, here’s the Wishlist request for it:


Yeah, the ability to create our own liveries would be HUGE. I’d be even more into it on MSFS than I am on Forza and other racing games. To be able to make some of my favorite liveries that I’ve seen in person or make my own unique design would be huge. The possibilities are endless. Personalization is such a game changer.


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