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@JTCM212 @Miggle2765 If you’d like your liveries added to the “Mega Pack”, user Clink123 in the discord would like you to contact him so he can add these. Just an FYI

Just wondering, where is the tail on the template? which file is it on?

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its on the wings

Is it just the rudder?

Would anyone be willing to make a livery for me?! :blush:

I’d be really thankful and I’d do a donate to charity as a thank you!

Hi all, moving forward, we will be using categorized threads per aircraft to keep track of liveries, you are free to continue to use this post as a discussion on making liveries. Cheers :slight_smile:

This is the A320 Neo thread, will be making threads for other aircraft soon


Hey guys got a question, how do i apply more liveries. There are more on this forum but i dont know how to add them cause i already have a liverie folder with 5 skins. Thanks

I like this more organized approach.

Question: How are we supposed to create new liveries for deluxe and premium ac? They have all the configs locked inside an ‘archive’ type file.

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Is there a livery request thread in these forums?


Need some love for 787 and 748

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787 is current encrypted so we cant edit it

If there is no official request thread, I’d like to request a LOT Polish Airlines A320, even if they are not in fleet :pray:

thanks for all this liveries

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just got new liverys for the first time and looks like this plz help

Made my own livery, if some1 is interested in the files, send me an email. It is not finished and still playing with the textures :slight_smile: .


Need help guys

Now the Ai pilots need the repaints :smiley: But really great work from all of you =)

Kuwait Airways A320 neo please



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Any United liveries yet?