Livery search or filter feature

Just a note I have filled a Zendesk report as well. Could we have a search or filter feature in the liveries menu to search for an airline name? I have the mega livery pack installed and trying to find a liverie in the menu takes forever scrolling through them all. A simple feature where we can type a company name would really helpful.


Topic moved to #self-service:wishlist, I second this request.

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thank you @Nyx1819 sorry i posted in the wrong place. I only realised it earlier when i was trying to find the jetstar livery lol

Wow very quickly reply from the team acknowledging this

Link please?

Link to???

I interpreted this (perhaps wrongly) to mean the dev’s had said something about adding this feature

oh no sorry i meant they acknowleged the zendesk ticket and sent a reply after 5 hours of submitting it which impressed me they have acknowleged it though which is a good thing and HOPEFULLY they can add it in would make it so much easier.

Please bring the functionality to search livery the way you bring search in aircraft category.

User need to scroll left and right horizontally to find a livery.

Please have a word with your UX Team

With so many great liveries being provided by the community (think livery megapack) and certainly more to come, it would be helpful to have a search/filter box for liveries. Much in the same way there’s a search box for aircraft.

I tend to switch between a number of the A320 liveries and so would be nice to be able to quickly get to them by name. Would also provide a quick way to discover if any of your favorites are in the list.

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Yes. There are so few CJ4 liveries.

It is difficult to browse through a long list of aircraft and/or liveries.
A text field for filter/search would be nice.

Do you mean the aircraft select screen? There already is a search box, and you can filter between jets, pistons, turboprops etc.

Yes, but what if I have 100 airliners, 100 pistons?
And what about liveries? Finding the airline I’m looking for when I have many liveries installed?

If you have multiple liveries installed, you have to scroll through a horizontal list which can take forever. And the full titles aren’t always shown, so you have to look at each picture or know where what you’re looking for is. I ask that there by a “filter by name” where you can type in “grey” or “Air Canada” and it would filter the liveries out to help you find what you’re looking for.

Here’s the A320neo list after installing the Megapack. Note that it would take me forever to find a certain livery (e.g., Frontier Airlines):

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Right now if you have like 20 liveries, it can be a pain to sort through them all.

i have 167 a32nx liveries a feature to search for the one i want rather than scrolling through each individually would be perfect! Please get this in the sim!