Loading a saved replay into the Replay Tool breaks the Camera Track

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Following the excellent guide by Olie I learned that you could add camera tracks by simply recording a new track. I can confirm that this worked in late November 2022 (so post SU11, but pre-SU12) because I used it at that time to record some videos.

Today however I tried to do the same, but now pressing the Camera Track Recording button does not add a new camera track, it’s unresponsive. After further testing I discovered that this bug appears after loading a saved replay. When starting with a new replay, the Camera Track Recording button works just fine. I am in the SU12 Beta, but not sure if it’s related to that, or if it was already there before.

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Open the Replay Tool > start a recording > stop recording > save your recording. Exit the flight and spawn in again. Then load your saved replay try to add a new camera track pressing the button linked above. Normally the tool would create a $:TRACK 2, but in my case nothing happens.

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