Loading flight plans into the A320 from SimBrief

I have been trying to load a flight plan directly into the MCDU on the A320NX from SimBrief. After preparing a plan on SimBrief, I downloaded it to FS2020, I then went to look for it on the MCDU in the mod, but I hit a wall when it asked me to enter my SimBrief user name and i.d. number. I know my SimBrief user name but can’t figure out what the software is looking for in terms of my i.d. Anyone have a suggestion? Alternatively, can anyone go through the steps to find the SimBrief plan in the MCDU without running into this problem?

Are you using the mod?
If so, It needs that info to communicate with Simbrief.
It will allow the mod to communicate directly with Simbrief.
You do not need to “Download FMS” from Simbrief and place the file with your flight files.
You just type the route name in the FCDU in “co rte” on the ini page without spaces or hyphens, etc.,
and click the “Initiate Request” lsk (2R) .
The rest will be automatic.
You still need to do all the simbrief steps, but you don’t need to download the plan.

You need to enter your info in the MCDU first though.
Click the keypad “MCDU Menu” button, then on the right side cick “Options”
Now, top left, click on AOC
Now you will see the line for simbrief, click that LSK and
enter your name and password where prompted.
It is stored and remembered when you update the mod.

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You only need to input one or the other, not both.

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Good to know, I entered both

Thanks all. Will give it a try.

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I’m not sure the first part of this step is even necessary. Simply clicking init request on the INIT page will load your current simbrief ofp and populate the MCDU with all the appropriate data.


Thanks, I didn’t realize that!

I should amend that to say flight plan data. You’ll still need to load the fuel and pax/cargo info via the AOC menu.

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Does it work with default plane?

No. Just with the mod.
If you don’t have the mod, you should get it.

Simbrief works great with the beta Navigraph AIRAC 2014 nav database update for MSFS2020.

Download from here!

The latest AIRAC 2014 has all the latest data so the flightplans has no discrepancies in the route.

Generate your route in Simbrief using AIRAC2014, save it and after that copy/past it into MSFS2020 flightplan directory. Then start MSFS2020 and load the flight plan in the flight planner from MSFS2020.

I tested several flights in the EU and all of theme brings me from one airport to an other without any problems.

Thanks for the advice. Will try it. For what it’s worth, SimBrief has been working well when input directly to the mod’s MCDU. It just took me a while to understand how to load it on the flight computer and then line up the navigation data.

You don’t even have to do all that.
After you made your flightplan in Simbrief, click on “Generate OFP” near the top left of that screen.
With the sim running and in the 320, in the MCDU, simply click on “INIT REQUEST” on the “Initialize” screen.
The sim will then automatically load that “Open Flight Plan”.

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I do it that way because i want to load the same flight plan also in Little Navmap.

The AOC upload don’t load the complete route of the generated flightplan in FMC.
When you download the flightplan and paste it manual in the flightplanner of MSFS2020 the complete route is transfered.

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Your approach is the one I have adopted. I do not have Little Navmap. What does it add that you cannot get from Navigraph?

I am not sure, as I just (gasp), just use the default.
But I am using NavDataPro with Simbrief!
Here is a link to little nav map, it has been well recommended by a lot of folks here.

With the latest update I’ve lost my Mod A320. When I try to load the flight plan via world map on to the default A320 the SIM crashes. Please help.

I can’t start the LEFT engine with new DEV A32NX

What do you mean you lost your mod? If you use the actual a32nx, it is no problem to import the plans via the MCDU.

Are you using the tca quadrant? I did a new profile today and it worked without any problems with the default profile. I did not need it but did you delete the fuel valve (I think this is how it is called in english) reference? But aber wu6 this bug was also fixed.

What do you mean you lost your mod?

I mean A320 experimental version I had downloaded from FlyByWire.
I reinstalled it but does not work.