LOC versus ILS, which one would you choose?

On arrival (doing my route in NAVIGRAPH) I have the choice (EGLC London City) between an ILS or a LOC approach. Not being a real pilot I was wondering what is chosen. Thank you !!

Usually the ILS.It provides a precision vertical path as well as lateral and therefore lower minima.

LOC is the lateral portion of an ILS, so no vertical path is provided, although some GPS/FMS may calculate their own vertical guidance to assist you.

Lastly, nothing stopping you requesting the LOC approach for practice anyway.


Localizer approaches will have a higher minimum descent altitude (the lowest you can legally go until you see the runway or have to execute a missed approach), than most ILS approach’s decision height. So if the ceiling is not too low you can still get into some airports that only have a localizer. If the ceiling is too low for a localizer approach, you’ll have to find an airport with an ILS approach (or more likely these days a GPS approach).

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ILS however LC approaches a bit more challenging due to restriction

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I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you for answering my question because if the scenery is enjoyable, creating flight plans etc etc gives you a tremendous immersive feeling. Again, THANK YOU very much.