Lock Framerate on Nvidia Control Panel @ 30fps

I’ve thinking about this for a while, but just tried today.
In VR I’m more than happy with 30fps, so I locked Maximum Framerate for FS2020 @ 30 fps.
It’s soooo smooooooth now.
Give it a try and maybe this helps others to improve steadiness in their performance.


Strange I found the opposite in VR

Can confirm. I started doing this at the start of SU5, and 30 fps never looked so good.

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Yes I agree to an extent but if you do flights longer than 2-3 hours the frame rates drop down to the low 20’s
Still when I landed and on approach it was about 21 FPS it didn’t stutter or freeze but the frames stayed at 21
I might add the last 45 minutes of the flight the frames started dropping and panning was not as smooth

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Hmmmm, I guess here’s where our settings and hardware could be making the difference.
I’m using:
i7-7700k @ 4.9
3080ti @ +900 memory, +110 core, max power.
Reverb G2
Open XR @100 %, no reprojection.
All settings at Ultra, except
Clouds, Ambient Occlusion, Contact Shadows, Buildings on High.
Grass at Medium,
Anisotopic 16x
Supersampling 4x4
Shadow Maps 1536
Terrain Shadows 512
LOD and Objects level of detail at 200.

Hope this helps.

Yep, that’s weird.
I was flying over Iceland though, perhaps I should try the same in (here we go) New York.

My settings are the complete opposite but a similar system to yours

Complete opposite?
Would you mind posting them? I’d like to try them out.

Mine are
10700k cpu overclock 4.9
32 gb ram
RTX 2080 super gpu
Nvme m2 1tb
850w psu
Windows 11
Navigraph, pushback helper, various payware airports but FBW CTD at those
Everything ultra LOD / objects 200
HDR on

Setting a 30fps limit in-game doesn’t affect the framerate you get in your HMD. It limits the framerate in 2D mode only. Perhaps it affects the framerate of the on-screen mirror view, which frees up resources for the HMD on some systems? Either way, it makes no difference at all to VR performance for me.

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Some have wrote they can use NCP to lock frame rate, I on the other hand have never been able to see this work for this game even locking it globally in NCP. It works for some games and for others seems to have no effect on my end. I end up just turning Vsyn off all together and select in NCP to use highest possible frame rate under preferred refresh rate. Using 144 Hertz BenQ monitor and EVGA 1070 Ti FTW2.

Can’t do it. This Strix 3090 wasn’t cheap, and it took a lot of work to get. I would have settled for 30 with my stock 2080TI. If this thing only gives me 30, ASUS is in trouble.

This works for me, and is useful for preventing 100% GPU use in the menus. However, just like the in-game FPS limiter, it is not something that has any direct affect in VR. (ie, it does nothing to limit your HMDs fps.)


Why would you not want your gpu being utilized 100 percent in game? Does this cause issues for people? I mean I can understand the CPU and RAM but I am glad my GPU is being fully utilized. Does it not drop in percentage when tasking on another monitor or bringing up a background app window, does this utilization cause issues per se?

Utilisation and framerate are not even close to being the same thing. Even if you are playing in 2D (monitor) mode, setting an FPS limit doesn’t instantly bottleneck your system or prevent it reaching full capacity. If your GPU can only maintain 30-35fps anyway then locking it to 30 will make little difference. If anything it will smooth things out since the framerate won’t be jumping up and down.

However, as I stated above, neither the nVidia framerate limiter or the in-game framerate limiter have any effect whatsoever on VR framerates. None at all. It does not prevent your GPU being fully utilised. The moment you switch to VR mode it is your HMD, it’s own software settings, and your PC’s capabilities that decide your framerate.

Sure, setting a framerate limit of 30 in 2D mode when your GPU is capable of maintaining 90 is pointless… but we’re not talking about 2D mode. This is the VR section of the forum. :slight_smile:


I never recall writing nor see where I did write anything about frame rate in the post of mine you are replying to so I am not sure where you’re taking this…

But I do recall asking a few questions regarding your own statement which is quoted above because I was just wanting to understand your position regarding “100% GPU use” is all. Cheers!

You didn’t quote my post or reply directly to it (marked by the reply icon), so for all I knew you were replying to the others or to the thread’s general topic. Please accept my deepest apologies for not being able to mind read, and for daring to provide an explanation of something I thought you might need information about.

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Hmmm I wasn’t aware it only affects 2D and not VR.
However, displaying Fps with developer mode, it sets 30fps constant in VR as shown in the VR representation on 2d screen. Interesting one
I’m gonna check the timing display in OpenXR, just to compare.
Thanks for pointing this out.

I forgot to mention, I’m limiting in Nvidia Control Panel, not in-game.

I believe it does affect VR, and I also have always capped framerate in order to maintain a smoother/consistent experience and reduce load on GPU to reduce temperature and any chance of throttling