LOD at 9 = 22.5 GB of VRAM usage on 3090


I can’t change anymore the LOD in the User,Cfg since WU6!
and it is normal that anisotropy stay at quality 0 but set to 16x.
Version 1.1.0
Preset Ultra
MaxAnisotropy 16
Quality 0

ObjectsLoD 2

ObjectsLoD 9

Uncheck read-only.

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Where is this location? I’ll do the test on this tonight for LOD9. This is a nice example to try on.

already tested, if i uncheck I go back to LOD 2…very strange

There’s you problem. Make some token change so that it reads Custom, then your text file edits will work. Turning off motion blur will do it.

In game settings set LOD to 150
Save changes and quit to desktop.
Edit usercfg.opt (LOD) and save changes.

Launch msfs and do not touch LOD slider.

okay that’s good, the objectLod is to modify the viewing distance for buildings and trees oe only trees?
and why the quality of the MaxAnisotropy is set to 0?

Thanks for the post, OP - I have a 3080, i9-9900k and will try LOD values of 9 to see if there’s any difference/improvement from pre-WU6. As others mentioned, previously anything over LOD of 3 or 4 would put my rig to a crawl, so now I’m curious.

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I think so, yes. From what I can tell, Objects LOD is restrictive to buildings and trees - stuff above the ground. Terrain LOD is everything at the ground - including ground textures and elevation mesh. I admit I haven’t played around much with these settings, so if someone else can explain better, feel free to chime in.

looks like it’s use maximum, with some percent out, because my 2080ti eat 10700 with 2.0 2.0 with 3440x1440 same all ultra

quality 0 = maximum

ah ok thx very much

no problemo :slight_smile:

Where is the airport you took your screenshot from?


innbruck airport, rwy 26

Ah, right. I should’ve known. Thanks, I’ll look at this tonight. Seems like a perfect example for LOD tests.

Mine is 16 for Graphics
Mine is 4 for GraphicsVR

“Preset Ultra” change this to " Preset Custom " without the quotes

Save and it should work on lod9

I did a few LOD tests at Innsbruck to highlight the visual differences and performance hit for each LOD step. You can see in this example, the visual difference between the default 2 and 4 is significant. The rendering distance of the trees and terrains is significantly increased on the mountain directly down the centerline. The difference between 4 and 6 is less noticeable on the mountain directly in front, but the more distant peaks and the relief directly to the right of the runway is better defined with more sharpness. At LOD at 9, the difference is barely noticeable, as any changes are probably well outside the viewing area. The difference at LOD at 9 is probably noticeable at altitude, but I’d argue the viewing distance is so far, you probably won’t even notice those additional trees or terrain rendering.

For the performance hit, I’d say about 3-4 fps hit per LOD step of 2. Surprisingly the VRAM usage doesn’t increase significantly until about LOD = 6. System memory increased for each step, but not really significantly until LOD = 6. I still maintain that for my system, the sweet spot is at LOD = 4 or 6 (I prefer 6). Others may have problems running beyond LOD = 2, but this type of setting is entirely personal preference of performance vs visual quality.

It should be worth noting that LOD is a radius defined around your aircraft - so a circle in simple terms. If you just assume the area of a circle (πr^2), each step of LOD (the radius) increases the area rendered in the circle exponentially by a factor of 2.

System specs: Ryzen 5950X, Asus TUF 3090, 64 GB 3600. Resolution set to 3840x1600, render scaling at 120%. Ultra preset (customized) with texture supersampling at 8x8, and both shadow sizes set to 2048.

LOD = 2:

LOD = 4:

LOD = 6:

LOD = 9:


Very succinct summary. Well done!
I completely agree.