LOD Distances

Does anyone keep a track of LOD distances via Dev Mode when testing the betas?

To me it looks like another Sim Update another reduction in distances and therefore graphical quality. But this is just my impression, I’m think I can see the edge of the trees closer with this beta than with SU13. And it goes without saying much closer than on release of the sim. This is with TLOD 250 btw.

So, just looking to see if anyone has any hard data to back up my impression.

C’mon…! Seriously?!

Terrain LOD has been degraded again!!! after SU4.

Sliders are the same Terrain LOD200. RTX3080.

Have you checked to make sure you Bing Data and online settings are all on?

Yeah LOD degradation is what made me stop playing. It’s only gotten worse since release unfortunately. This should be a priority since they advertise this sim based on the high quality of the world. At this point it’s almost false advertising, it’s truly disappointing how this has not been fixed yet.

And for the people that keep asking on every thread if Bing data and photogrammetry streaming is on, yes. Yes it is.


Are you serious? Look at the scenery beyond a 10nm radius, it looks bland and low quality. Also flying low to the ground of course you’ll get more details, the problem is the further we are from the ground, either vertically or laterally, the LOD is awful.


Beauties was sarcasm obviously, the terrain data in my screenshot is a mess and only gets worse further south into that flight. Looked like FSX…


Ah my apologies… the problem is that some people in this community really don’t see this as an issue considering it’s not brought up often enough. So sometimes it’s hard for me to see sarcasm. The only thing that kept me being able to play was the “tree fix” that allowed low quality terrain to be covered in the distance by being populated with trees. And now we can’t even do that anymore, sigh

Yeah LOD degradation is a HUGE issue that needs to be addressed as to priority as well as performance! Did you check during QnA session how the vid was playing stutter free?! How the hell did they do that? …probably in 1080p…


Guys, you are mixing two different issues here. Some areas of the world have poor coverage (like in the Pictures of alaska) and even with a high lod you cannot do much about it.
Regarding the LOD, there are sometimes downsteps as a logical consequence of too many people complaining about performance. They are just reacting here.
If you think thats unplayable, you can adjust the LOD by yourself. It’s a simple change in a Textfile that contains the settings. Search the forum, the process is described multiple times. The LOD can be set from 1 to 6 and it comes down to your system what you can run. But if you do that be careful to not corrupt the file and don’t complain about performance when maxing out the settings… :blue_heart:

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If you want to see some super low resolution satellite imagery, fly along this island chain towards Alaska.

It’s worse than FSX.


I do know and understand what you’re describing here and thank you very much for this. I believe none of us wants to fall into (already did) the trap of tweaking more than we fly. Then it would be a tweaking simulator and not a flight sim! Its a matter of performance consistency from ms/asobo side. Sim must feels its getting steps forward and not steps back after each update. Should not be a solution to tweak the terrain LOD line from 2.0 to 4.0+ to get the same results in terms of visuals, as we had at the release :wink:.


Forget about flying over Alaska in this simulator. The Bing Maps imagery in the entire region is extremely poor and inconsistent, and this has not changed since release. Hopefully this will change with a World Update in the future…

While it’s true that since release the LOD has been degraded in some respects (mesh issues, tree draw distance), the original poster does not seem to be complaining about the existing LOD regressions or the poor imagery in specific areas of the planet. I would suggest moving this discussion to a different thread.

Why moving it? It’s under bugs & issues and scenery related. Don’t see any reason moving it around…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Your thread is alright in this section, I was talking about the discussion regarding poor imagery in specific areas, which is not relevant to your bug report.

Unless the low texture resolution occurs only in specific areas, in that case you should add more information to your bug report, like the co-ordinates or the closest airport to that area, your settings, your hardware specifications etc.

Can you explain what aspects of those are related to LOD?

Oh I see. Didn’t understand this. Sorry mate😉

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That isn’t a LOD issue, so it’s not related to the subject. It’s simply an area of low resolution satellite imagery, inconsistently stitched together.

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LOD stands for the reduced complexity of 3D objects or terrain as you move further away from it. If that blurry texture continues to appear even when your aircraft is right on top of it, then it’s not a LOD issue.

Some examples of LOD issues are the terrain spikes (which were largely fixed a few months ago), the terrain morphing, the mountain seams, or the water creeping up the coastlines. Those issues disappear when you get closer to the terrain, where the highest level of detail is loaded.

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Level of detail in computer graphics is specifically the deliberate lowering of geometric or texture detail, primarily with respect to distance from the camera.

It isn’t simply a catch-all term for visual detail, or lack of.


If there’s no resolution in the source, how can it be improved by changing LOD settings?