LOD problems - Trees, water

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SledDriver were you able to change your server?

OK I changed from European server to USA and still the trees and buildings are only drawn for a short distance around the plane. Nothing like I have seen in earlier days.


Did your performance improved after the patch?

This is true issue. They did something.


Outside of JFK Airport, New York. I can see pop in and out, whereas before it didn’t happen. I can see things pop in closer, not to mention bit further away the scenery is completely flat.

My settings are exactly the same as they were before.

Yes. Maybe 10%

In case this helps anyone, I’ve tried getting the same shot as this:

using the settings explained here (except I’ve changed texture resolution to ultra):

And here is what I get (which I’m pleased with):

Just grab a bottle of whiskey and have yourself a grand ol time flying. I got completely ■■■■■■■■■ last night and crashed into the side of mt. Rainier.

I will say this taxiing is so much harder when your drunk

Look at this. I have only autogen and weird sateliite imagery. A little bit ridiculous.


Also how do you change servers? for me automatic is only selection…

There should be a dropdown box on the main menu. It will be set to automatic by default, but you can override it. Let me know if you need a screenshot.

I think I’ll drop playing this game for now. There is definetly something wrong now, the pop-in is insane. I’ve played this game comfortably before this patch and graphics were only reason I’ve played it so much… right now? Not so much.


Thanks for the reply. Yes if you could a screenshot that would be great. Tried overriding it but no luck.

Well, no screenshot is necessary, you’ve found it.

I have no idea why you don’t get other choices. Out of curiosity are you having issues with things like real weather, traffic and map data?

For now, try logging out and back into the sim to see if that makes the other servers available.

Yes I am actually, weather is mostly 225/03 sometimes real weather and yeah map data, see the above screenshots. It is very strange. Tried logging out and logging in as well my avatar also does not show. It is rather strange.

I wonder if you are having issues connecting to a server in general. Definitely file a support ticket on Zendesk use the category ‘An issue is preventing me from launching or enjoying the sim’.

Will do, thanks a lot for your help!

Updated as of yesterday, same flight I daily make in game. Now broke…

Lod bad far away, too much 3D photogrammetry stuff up close, power towers are so 3D intensive and placed everywhere they bring game to a crawl when flying low just look!

This screenshot is flying over port of Tacoma,wa. Same ultra preset settings render scale 140 percent then 1080p res.

Use to be smooth over Tacoma to Renton now stutters galore and only thing changed updated game, it looks like junk, nothing works right, everything is like bonkers.

Feels like we are using a test version of game as opposed to a final working version like last patched version.

The power towers everywhere are too much of a direct draw for Gpu or bogs wholE system down…

It definitely looks worse. I have several grainy textures in the cockpit, and the airport around it has a much lower resolution. It’s all blurry.

Tryed both with online and offline features. I have done flights offline and the terrain and cockpit textures, airport looks were always great. Now it is utterly worse.

I do have the lastest Nvidia drive and settings werent changed.

It is just horrible.


I have changed nothing in the settings, but sim looks much worse now.

Asobo please roll back the patch.

The Tree rendeding distance (I think autogen ones) is horrid now.


Is Asobo run by the same people at Boeing?

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