LOD/Terrain popping @ENSB Svalbard

Unfortunately it has not.

  • At Alert (CYLT) 800 km from NP, on Ellesmere island, I still have very low LOD and it is same for all those areas I visited nearest the pole.
  • Also my GPS (both default and GTN750) shows erroneous positions hundreds of kms from my real position. As soon as I fly a few 100kms south it slowly gets back on-track.
  • The game grinds to a halt the closer I got to the North Pole and the fps increased as I flew in southerly direction.
    All 3 issues seem affected by very high latitude locations, near the Pole locations.

Cruising at 18,000ft I also crashed into Greenland coming from the north with shards/‘striped wall’ appearing out of nowhere in a clear sky. It was exactly the moment I would have crossed the coastline.