LOD very low - Ground Textures very blurry

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Was happy with the performance and look of the sim, until last week when the satellite imagery (as well as building not loading in, but that is slightly less noticeable at cruise) quality just nosedived. Even at just 1000 feet, lots of areas are just blocky messes. Its not a connection issue as ive tried manually caching an area and its still bad and ive tried using the google maps replacement tool. I’ve turned the LOD up to 400 in the settings, and the performance is a disaster so not usable for day to day flying, and it got slightly better but still not like it was before. I also reinstalled the sim last night but no difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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(LOD at 400 - slightly better but not right and terrible performance)

(look at the runway - taken at 500 feet)

As you can imagine, at airliner cruise levels, it looks worse then fsx!

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RTX 2060 Super, R5 2600 @ 3.9Ghz, game on SSD

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Bing texture quality is great in some areas and bad in others. I see this all the time depending on where I am flying.

All satellite imagery is not created equal.

FYI any discussion about that google thing you mentioned is not allowed here.

no, it definitely isnt that the imagery is worse. It was clear as day before and now is a blurry mess. Apologies about the google maps but i though it would help show that is isnt a networking issue

Where did you show that the same areas were better before?

If what you are saying is correct then you must be experiencing network/server issues, which might not necessarily be on your end.

You could try clearing and/or disabling the rolling cache but I doubt that will help.

Also, you clearly have some addons or mods because there are no helicopters in the stock sim. Could those be causing an issue.

i cant show the exact location as everywhere is blurry now, but in these other screenshots i have taken, you can see that even very high up the ground is still crisp. As ive said, not a server issue as ive tried manually caching as area and it didn’t make a difference. Ive tried enabling and disabling the rolling chashe and it didnt seem to do anything but ill give it another try. I will try also with an empty community folder and get back to you.

If you manually cache an area in high quality, it won’t look any different than the imagery streamed in real-time by the servers, provided your bandwidth (and the server’s bandwidth) is good enough.

You did cache it in high quality right? You have to zoom way in (on the map) for that.

I can see in your first screenshots that you are zooming in the camera’s FOV which has always affected image quality negatively ever since the sim was released, due to the way the LOD system is implemented.

Empty community folder, Whole area Cached in high quality and initially it looks fine

But then just a tiny bit higher the whole thing turns to a blurry mess.

Render scale is at 120 with LOD at 150. All else high/ultra. Its just like the render distance has dramatically fallen for no reason making the ground at anything higher then this a disaster.

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I created a wishlist item that would help address that issue:

yeah seems like a good idea. Got my vote! I still think that there is something wrong with my sim with the blur because it definitely want like this last week.

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Thanks! In the past, I have definitely captured the terrain LOD setting affecting ground textures crispness like you describe.