Log book doesn't log take-offs

I’ve noticed that for quite a few of my flights, the take-offs aren’t logged. These are 2 flights I did today. Both take-offs not recognised. Both started at a gate, cold and dark. Any reason why?

Did you taxi to and hold at the runway directed by ATC ground? I have found that towered airports will log a takeoff from their specified runway no matter which taxiway is used. Uncontrolled airports will never log a takeoff unless you first visit a taxi ribbon’s runway hold position, which may or may not correspond with the proper runway for takeoff regarding wind direction. I only use a taxi ribbon for takeoffs at uncontrolled airports just to make sure that the takeoff will be logged. Sometimes this means a taxi all the way to one end of a runway and then a taxi all the way to the other end of the runway. This is one of the many workarounds for dealing with various sim issues, but at least 100% of my takeoffs get logged.

Pull up the Objectives popup and you’ll see what you’re missing.

My real world logbook did not log takeoffs either, only landings. It was assumed a takeoff proceeded a landing.


Known, reported, and ignored issue for at least the last 3 sim updates. If you don’t talk to ATC at a controlled airport or use Unicom at an uncontrolled field they’re not logged. You would think this is a 5 minute fix.


I’ve figured its because I rarely use ATC. They waffle on too much, I just do my own thing lol.

But if I don’t use it on take-off OR landing, why does it log the landing.

I specifically have been using ATC/Unicom for the last 5 days (I often don’t because it is just soooo bad) both for take offs and landings and for the last five days no take offs recorded. All GA flights which, for me are from mostly uncontrolled airfields. Just done a sortie with take off starting cold and dark from uncontrolled airfield using Unicom, 4 roller landings each at a different strip - 2 at uncontrolled and 2 controlled - followed by a Full Stop at a third airfield with ATC. Coms used throughout. Logbook result - Zero take offs, one landing. :roll_eyes:

This topic is incorrectly marked solved because using ATC to choose a runway and announce taxi and departure is not enough to have the takeoff logged.

I always have my uncontrolled airfield takeoffs logged, but only because I turn on the taxi ribbon temporarily to see which runway for takeoff the sim is requiring to log the takeoff. I follow the taxi ribbon path through the point that it is extinguished at the hold to announce the departure point.

I can turn the ribbon off as soon as I see where the ribbon is heading. When that sim required runway would give me a tailwind, after taxing to that incorrect runway hold position I continue to taxi to the proper runway for a headwind, which in that case is usually the opposite end of that runway.

Yes, I know it is immersion killing and stupid to have to do that extra taxi when the sim expected runway does not match the correct runway for a headwind, but that is the only way to 100% guarantee that 100% of takeoffs at uncontrolled airports get logged.

Whilst that ‘solution’ may work for you mate I don’t believe it to be a fix for everyone. Just take my recent experiment:

  1. Never used taxi ribbon.
  2. Always used preset weather with no wind.
  3. Always used stock ATC and followed the instructions to the letter - including 3 go arounds.
  4. No navaids used all totally VFR.

The result you have seen - no take offs or roller landings registered. Until a couple of weeks ago I experienced a period of time when every event was recorded correctly and then, suddenly, it has all turned to a crock of pooh again.

As an extra dimension - during the go around sequence I was identified to another (AI) aircraft in the pattern as being on short finals when I was actually on downwind and than as being on base when I was on short finals at a bout 80’. :roll_eyes:

Turning the taxi ribbon on briefly when on a taxi for departure at an uncontrolled airfield is a workaround, not a ‘solution’.

The sim does not care about wind direction or if there is no wind. At any uncontrolled airfield, if you do not taxi to the hold position for the one and only runway that the sim has decided is proper for the takeoff that day, you will not get the takeoff recorded in the log.

My workaround applies to uncontrolled airfields. If you are being issued go-arounds, you are not at an uncontrolled airfield

Did you actually read what I wrote? I followed ATC/Unicom instructions to the letter. I departed from an uncontrolled airfield using the instructed runway, did 4 roller landings, 2 at uncontrolled airfields and 2 at controlled airfield again using the instructed runways. Final full stop was at a controlled airfield. The two go arounds were at the final destination airfield.

This afternoon I departed again from the same uncontrolled airfield, flew to a different controlled airfield and landed - all as instructed. Surprise - one take off and one landing recorded.

As I said, the method that you use may work for you but it is not going to help everyone. I have never used the taxi ribbon from day 2 - it’s pretty awful, yet for prolonged periods the Logbook entries reflected accurately the sortie flown, including rollers and then it suddenly goes pear shaped again.

Did you actually read what I wrote? I am not talking about anything other than how to 100% guarantee that all takeoffs from an uncontrolled airfield will be recorded in the logbook despite the numerous bugs in the sim in its current condition.

ATC/Unicom discussions have nothing to do with my post. If you get a takeoff logged at an uncontrolled airfield, it is because you took off from the only runway that at the time the sim demands is the only runway deemed worthy by the sim of being granted a takeoff entry in the logbook. In other words, you were lucky. My workaround removes luck from the equation by seeing the actual takeoff runway that the sim is arbitrarily demanding to be used at that moment in time.

The topic title is “Log book doesn’t log take-offs”, and my workaround works 100% of the time at uncontrolled airfields to make sure that a takeoff is logged in the logbook.

Are you in dev mode?

By design, nothing is logged in the log book when in Dev mode.