Logbook Analyzer

Hi Simmers,

I have developed a logbook reader / parser / analyzer that can read the MSFS Logbook file and export to a CSV file with your flight data.

It can already read and identify:

. Date/time of the flight

. Aircraft

. Departure and arrival airport (if any)

. Departure and arrival coordinates

. Type of flight

I am now working on finding and exporting the following data:

. Starting altitude

. Duration of the flight

. Path

. Events

I have made hundreds of tests with my own logbook files, but I would like to start testing with some other people’s files.

If you are interested in providing your logbook file and receiving the CSV back to analyze, you’ll be welcome. Please contact me on this thread or email me on fchamone@terra.com.br so we can arrange how we should exchange the files.

Best regards


Below some example images that can be generated with the system. The global map showing all my flights, some flight detail and even the detail of the taxi route on the airport.

Hey there! Is there a downloadable version already?

No, still in alpha-testing. But I’ll try to make an online version asap

I’d be very happy with just a lite version that just reads and exports your flight log file as a CSV file.

Perfect… If you want to send me your logfile, I can already do that for you, and return a CSV and also a HTML with your flights plotted on a map.

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Hi, Lilac. Can you share the program somehow?

I don’t mind messy Git repositories, if you think that could be a hinderance.

Looks like a great tool!

Hi Gill.

I’m planning on releasing the software as an online version in the next few days. If you are in a hurry, I can generate 3 files for you if you send me your logfile:

1 - CSV with all your flights
2 - CSV with the detailed route of each flight
3 - HTML with all your flights plotted on a map

Best regards,

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Thank you for the offer, but I mostly have training flights so far. It will be a great addition to my gameplay in the future, especially when comparing flights with my father.

I will keep an eye out for the release!

I can offer CR/QA later if you need it. Possibly a Pull Request or five too.

I think many simmers will find this project enticing in the future; I found this thread through google search, not just the forum search.

Hi Guys,

The online version of the Logbook Exporter is available in a beta version, free of charge, on the following link: https://logbook-maps.rj.r.appspot.com

Please try it and comment below!

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Hi Lilac, where do we find the logbook ? I’ve read so many forums by now

Hi Miguel, take a look at https://logbook-maps.rj.r.appspot.com/static/information.html .
There you can find the instructions to find your logbook file.

Best regards,