Logbook gets deleted when quitting msfs on Xbox

Hey man, how many total flights do you have in your logbook?
Are you in 2500 flights ballpark?
I still think this has something to do with the total log entries but I can’t be sure.

I’ll have a check later, don’t think I have that many entries though.

Recently I have been experimenting, once I end the flight I immediately open settings/network/bandwidth usage by pressing the Xbox button on the controller and I see bandwidth usage in the .5 - 1 Gb/s range for a period of time that then normalises down to a few kb/s. I have summised that this is the logbook data being synced to the cloud. Often there is a delay between end of the flight and the increased bandwidth, and in all instances where I have waited for the higher bandwidth use, the flight has been correctly saved in the logbook and remained there. The longer the flight the longer the high bandwidth is present for so I think my assumption is correct.

I think in the flights the logbook entry is missing, perhaps the sync had not happened for some reason and that is why it is no longer present when you restart the sim the next time.

Once I go back to Home Screen and close simulator there is negligible bandwidth used, that then drops to zero and you just see the usual keep alive type messaging.

Thank you so much for this critical information!
Do you mean to wait a bit longer on the logbook pop-up page after you shut down the engine and cut the power? Or just click on the Main Menu button on the pop-up page to end the flight and wait a bit longer on the Main Menu?
I’ll definitely try to wait a bit longer next time but I believe I’ve tried to wait forever on the Main Menu after end a flight and it’s not working for me.

I was really hoping SU10 would fix my Deleted Logbook entries… It did not.

I made some good progress with the Logbook - understanding of their code. I understand that they will read your logbook data and populate the entire logbook table, no matter search. The search simply adds a HTML “hide” to the table entry that matches so it is not visible. Since all entries are still in the table, their totals will not change.

Sorry this is taking so long. I don’t get to work full time on this and dissecting other people’s code is sometimes very hard… trying to understand WHY they coded it like that, other than making it harder to manipulate. There are a few redundancies that could be deleted. A bonus, I found a few entries that would be nice to see, like IFR and VFR totals along with Notes and Favorites that are not yet implemented. Sorting the data would be more efficient, which is what I am working on now.

NOTE: IFR & VFR under Operational Conditions Times.

I am also trying to:

  1. Export the data to see if something is corrupt, CSV format.
  2. Enable Notes and Favorites.
  3. Display Distance (I believe this is Total Distance in the logbook field).

I end the flight then while on the main page (where you can choose activities / flight etc I press the Xbox button and go to settings to check network bandwidth. So far by doing that I have not lost a flight except when the sim has crashed to the home screen before the flight ended.

Asobo updated their code with SU10. I think they performed a global optimization of their code. Anyway, I edited the Logbook page to include Notes and Favorites. I added a note and found it in the Logbook file:
C:\Users\USERNAME \AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\Weird Random Number\Weird Random Number\Random Number that is limited to 16MB.

The issue appears to be the file size limitation. When I added a large note to the last entry, the entire entry was deleted from the file, thus removing it from my “stuck” Logbook from July 1st.

Now my last flight is the one prior. Flying a new flight was not added. This probably stems from me adding a few more notes for testing, that are taking up too much space?

New Logbook Was 2508, now 2507 entries:

Other Note Edit:

Logbook FIle Size

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Hey man,

It’s so nice of you to take the time and dig into this issue!
I really appreciate your work and I think with your findings we can nail it down to a simple file size limitation.
I think it really depends on Asobo to find it and figure it out then.
Do you by any chance find a way to delete some empty entries to shrink down the size so new flights can be logged again?

@N316TS Hey man, I think the above reply explains why we were having this issue.
Could you please send our findings to the dev team?

I wish PC users would use the correct forum for this as their post has no relevance to xbox users. This has been tagged for XBox NOT PC.

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All the flight data and other interesting totals, etc would be great, but as a simple old pilot, I would very happy at this point, just to have an accurate running Log Total of my Flight Hours… Would seem easy enough… Thanks to all who are jumping into help.

Does the logbook have a 16mb capacity after which it stops recording? If so, how can it be emptied for re-use without losing the cloud data?

It’s not possible. That’s your cloud save. If you delete that 16MB file then your flight logs will be gone for good. Until Asobo/MS can stop saying it’s our profile that’s corrupted and take a look at their bad coding, there’s nothing we can do.

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Submitted more information on my MSFS2020 ticket. Let’s see where it goes. :smile:

Added this to the MSFS 2020 Wishlist.


Did you managed to find a solution ?

Unfortunately no. Seems like Microsoft doesn’t really care.

It should be logging continuously, like any real log. Tonight I suffered a power surge about 2 hours into a flight from ORD to BOS. There is nothing in the log about this flight.

Hey man, I’m trying to edit the logbook myself but I’m having trouble opening the logbook file since it’s a binary file.
Can you share with us your method of editing it?
I really appreciate your help!!

It’s not only on XBOX…

My logbook stopped working on Jan 21, 2023… (PC) Store Version. Cloud crash and I lost sync… But started again and ok. But since then I am stuck at 1372 hrs… Flights upon completion show in the log book, but upon restart of the sim, the entry is gone. (The Last entries of Jan 21, 2023 and prior show, but nothing after that date sticks! Anyone know how to fix or did I hit the max limit?? HELP?

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Yes Please, How did you edit it?