Logbook not logging

Latest patch late November/early December, logbook not logging. Shows departure and arrival but zero hours and no take off or landing. Just lost 8+ hours on a haul…
It would be great if pilots could log their own time or edit incorrect entries


Logbook not working only by take off. All other Data logged correctly… Anyone the same issue?


The last update (on or about 12/2) indicated that the logbook update had been corrected… that you could exit by selecting ‘Continue’ or ‘Return to Menu’. However, in my experience, the logbook update still fails when ‘Continue’ is selected. The update works properly when ‘Return to Menu’ is picked.

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Since the last update, I’ve had the most reliable logbook entries yet.


Yes, I agree. I had not had issues with the logbook until recently. It’s not recording my flights and if it does, it records them as zero hour. Not sure what happened all of a sudden! It was working fine for me before…


Logging issues here, too. I’ve seen it happen if I choose “Continue” or “Return To Menu,” doesn’t make a difference. Some flights are not recorded at all… took off from KCHS today for a short flight and landed… nothing shown in log for that flight. I’ve lost some hours of flight time due to this. Also, not positive, but it seems some of the log entries are short on time. I flew well over an hour and only 41 minutes was recorded.

EDIT: Found another forum post where logging issues happened with dev mode on. I turned it off and flights seem to be logging correctly at the moment. If you use dev mode, it was suggested that it’s turned off before takeoff. If dev mode is used in flight, turn off before landing.

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I’m not using developer mode. I just lost another 7.9 hour flight! Right after parking and shutting down the engines, the logbook comes up showing the correct flight parameters. I click “continue” then go to my profile, then I go to my logbook only to find a take-off from the same exact airport I just landed at; zero hours and zero landings were credited! How long is this bug going to go on for? I reported this (and many other bugs) to Zendesk several times already but they never, ever replied!! All I ever get is an acknowledgement email saying that my bug reports were received. What’s the point in reporting bugs to Zendesk when they can’t even be bothered in replying to me? I’m talking about at least a dozen reports to them that go back over many, many months - not once have I received a reply, other than emails from them acknowledging my bug reports. I feel it’s worth saying here that I’m never, ever rude or condescending to them.
My logbook has thus far cheated me out of 109.7 hours flight time, not counting today’s 7.9 hours. Needless to say, I’m not very impressed. :unamused:
Please allow us pilots to edit our own logbooks as we do in the real world! If you think people are going to cheat, you’d be mistaken - I truly believe that the vast majority of PC pilots won’t cheat. For the minority who might be inclined to cheat, they’d only be cheating themselves. In the real world it’s a federal crime to make false logbook entries. Granted, I know, that this is “just a simulator” and that we won’t be held accountable to the FAA/CASA or other regulatory bodies around the world; but that is not the point - the point is that they are simply going to have to trust us!

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You are indeed a lucky pilot!

Flew two flights on 11 and 12 December and both logged as 0 time and no take off or landings recorded - Both flights were just over an hour long. I did hit continue so I could properly shutdown the aircraft after landing - killed the engines using the mixture as I always do do still had turn off the Mags and turn off the master.

If that is the problem, it sort of blows this being touted as a simulator if following proper procedures stops a flight from being logged.

Does anyone know of a good external pilot log program that works with FS2020 to avoid the vagrancies of the built in log book function?


My logbook is also not recording any flights from December 9. I flew maybe 15 flights and none of them has been recorded.

Before, I lost some flights, but at least can record 90%…

Hope the bug will be quickly reported and corrected.

Thanks to the developing team.

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My logbook has cheated me out of several flights, including two 300+ nautical mile flights just today.

Same as the OP - game shows correct flight information, I click continue… and the flight isn’t logged.

This is exasperating. I just started a few days ago, and I’ve probably lost at least a third of my total flight hours, possibly as much as half.

As reported by others - when you kill the engines the choice to go to the main menu or continue pops up - if you exit tot he main menu, the flights seem to be recorded correctly – if you choose continue - the flight isn’t record.

So until this is fixed - will have to forgo proper shut down procedures if you want the flight logged.

I can’t explain why this is bothering me so much, but I have been gradually flying GA aircraft from KEWR, now about to head to HEBA. The logbook doesn’t log accurately, and if at all.

I too probably have about 40 hours not logged. Playing MSFS, I love the product but make no mistake - all of us are glorified BETA testers.

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I will say that since I started using Return to Menu from the pop-up window every time, instead of Continue, it has logged all of my flights properly. That’s only about one night’s flying, though (five flights) so I don’t know if that really solves it or if I’ve just been lucky.

I haven’t had a single flight log since Sep 15th and if I can get the dialogue to pop up at the end of a flight it’s always the same A320 KDFW-KDFW 0 minute flight.

You can quickly identify the date your logbook started misbehaving by looking at the date of the most recent log entry.

It appears that developer mode – unsurprisingly – may interfere with the logbook triggers. Specifically, if you are messing with CFG file parameters and using developer mode to resync the plane, it may keep the logbook from updating.

Go to the developer mode menu (upper left in flight screen) and select “exit” to exit developer mode. It may be that just turning it off in the options screen still hangs up the logbook logic.

To make sure you meet all the objectives for a flight, keep the objectives window open and complete them all.

Departures seem seem to always log correctly since the early December patch – takeoffs and in-air departures. Landings seem to be much more picky, but here’s what has always worked for me:

At controlled airports you don’t have to use ATC for landing, but after you land, exit the runway onto a taxiway. Tune ground, and ask to taxi to the gate or to GA parking. Turn on navigation assistance before you do this. ATC will provide instructions and blue arrows to the parking location. Acknowledge the taxi instructions, then taxi to the indicated space – it turns green when you’re in the right location. Kill the engine and then kill the master battery. You should get the end of flight menu – and I always exit to the main menu instead of continuing the flight.

At uncontrolled airports, you won’t be able to get ATC taxiing instructions, so just kill the engine and then the battery as soon as you get off the runway and stopped on the taxiway.

Make sure you’ve exited developer mode, then click on the most recent logbook entry. You’ll see an option to fly that flight again. Re-fly it using the techniques above to end the flight.

If the procedures above fixed the problem, you should see today’s date for the logbook entry. If it didn’t, it will still be the date when it first broke.

If you are unable to shut down the plane’s engine, then you may not be able to trigger the end of flight logic, or it might not correctly trigger the logbook logic even if you do get the end of flight screens.

Try flying the most recent leg with a different plane whose engines WILL shut down. I think it’s just the landing, taxiing, and shut-down portion that is necessary to make the logbook work again.

Good luck and happy flying!


Same here

Missing TAKE - OFFS only from small airports.

The moment I shutdown after marshalled to the stand, I get a pop-up with the correct route and the correct hours. However, after clicking continue and complete the other shutdown items (e.g. lights off, magnetos off, fuel tanks closed, etc…) and the proceed to exit the scenario back to the main screen, and then enter my logbook it shows the departure runway to be the same as the arrival runway with 0:00 logged (e.g. dep: EHAM, arr: EHAM, flight time: 00:00:00, even though the real departure airport was EHRD).

When you fly in a VA and you need to cut the engines off to validate your flight, the MFS window appears with the options “Main menu” and “Continue”. Il you click on “Main menu” you can’t validate your flight in the Virtual Airline. (the tracker indicates No complete flight). If you click on “Continue”, you can validate the VA flight but on the MFS logbook, the time will stay at 00. Could you please fix this ! Thank you !

Since around the 17th December my flights are not being recorded in the logbook, causing lost hours to take me to next level (100 hours flown). Do not know if this is a common problem or not.

I have used various planes and locations but this doesn’t help. Last flight to be recorded was in the Cessna 172S Skyhawk on 24th December. I have done 3 short flights today but no record or those flights.