Logitech-G Flight panels not activated with the Working Title G3000 mod


I just recieved the radio panel and multipanel, but I was suprised to find out that they didn’t startup when I tried to test them with MSFS. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that they DO work in a default Cessna 170 with the default MSFS G1000 (after turning on the avionics button). Though, I only fly the Longitude, with the Working Title G3000 installed. In the longitude, there is no avionics button and you turn on everything with the battery switch.

So, my first question: Do the Logitech panels work with the Working Title G3000 mod? And if so, how can I make them start up and work in the Longitude?

I would be suprised if it turns out the panels don’t work with the G3000. I also use a Streamdeck XL with a custom MSFS plugin, and that works fine with both the G3000 and the default MSFS avionics.

Best regards, Stefan

Here is a link to a thread which can help.

Not sure how stable the Logitech driver is these days after all the updates, but you may want to look at the Spad.Next driver.

I have the multi-panel and radio pane. Spad works great with WT and with all planes that I’ve flown.

Thanks so much! Using the default bind for toggling the avionics worked!

I hear a lot about Spad.Next. I never used it and to be honest, I never really spend time finding out what it can do. I have some computerexperience, but I’m not a programmer or diehard simmer. Is it workable for all time of simmers, or will it be really time consuming for me? And is it a suitable piece of software to connect all hardware (Streamdeck XL, Saitek panels, Thrustmaster Airbus HOTAS, tablet, etc.) to the sim? Will it be the solution when f.e. the new E170 from Ouroborus will come out, and there aren’t drivers/software yet to use the Saitek panels or the Streamdeck with the addon?

If Spad is easy to use I’m considering using it to set up my yet-to-build home cockpit!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Stefan

I’m no programmer and like you I was hesitant to have to wrap my head around something else, but if you want to get the best from your hardware, get SPAD . There are excellent tutorials by Les for how to use it for MSFS and also there are profiles you can simply download and activate which require almost no effort. If you want one for the WT CJ4 then look for the profile by alpineb (me!)

I didn’t know there were premade profiles, awesome. I’ll definetly give it a shot! Thanks a lot for the replies!

Yes, there are both full profiles that may cover one or more devices (mine all cover the Logitech radio, switch and multi panels, others cover say the Honeycomb alpha and bravo), and then there are ‘snippets’ which might be for a full device or simply for one specific action (say, setting the barometer via the radio panel). All of these are developed and published by the user community.

I usually download an existing profile and then further modify it to suit my needs and then will publish it back.

Oh, and one very nice thing - it will also sort the usb power settings for the device which if left unchanged are a very common source of CTDs. If running them off a hub, I would recommend one with it’s own external power supply.

Ah, that’s the thing. I planned to buy a powered USB hub, but since the panels worked on my normal USB-hub I thought it would be fine.

Hoe does Spad.Next solve this?

What SPAD will do is disable the windows 10 ‘low power’ mode feature. Windows puts USB devices not in use into a low power status reduce draw, but because MSFS is very sensitive to USB devices, when the device resumes normal power it can cause a CTD just like when you plug in a device. This will happen whether the hub is powered or not. You can do this manually through the control panel devices settings, but it’s pretty deeply buried. SPAD just makes it simple.

The Logitech panels have a very heavy power draw though so that, plus yoke, pedals, trackIR etc can place too much demand on the power supply in the PC causing some devices not to function, so best to always use a powered USB hub - someone started another thread about that earlier today I think and there were some good models being recommended.

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