Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals - how to make braking less "grabby"

Hello Captains,… does anyone have a tip for the sensitivity setting on these pedals? I find the slightest toe pressure makes the brakes GRAB and the plane jerks to a halt.

If someone has a picture of these settings that I could reproduce, I would appreciate it? Thanks.

Have a look!

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Still jerks down the P-38L despite my best efforts but even showing these curves to the devs they maintain that it just has huge brakes, which I suppose it does. Everything else I fly - 152, 172, TBM, D17, Optica, Cub, Icon, Goose, etc - they all feel very nice on the braking

In addition to the above setting suggestions, you can also:

  • Put in an extermity deadzone (say negative -15 on the x-axis) to prevent unwanted braking when turning. This can increase the application of the brake (the line will get steeper), so throw in a curve.

  • Reduce both the reactivity and sensitivity values to dampen the effect. This varies by aircraft for me but I have reactivity at 50.

It all helps, but they don’t have a smooth action. I’m gonna by getting Charlies as soon as I can!

Thanks all… Much better, still somewhat aggressive, but controllable now. I followed @ GaiideNinja settings to start with. It could be a little more “softer” on braking, but these settings really helped. Thanks.

FWIW I found all you need to change is the reactivity of all 3 axis to 40% and leave sensitivity as it is.

Everything feels much more realistic.

Thanks - I just tried the Reactivity to 40% and that also seems to work, with about the same effect. So I’ll try keeping that and mess with sensitivity now…

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My Logitech pedals are in the crawl space. I have been using TFRP Thrustmaster for a while now Much better control. I could not get the Saitek RP to work well. I will wait and see about the new Charlie pedals coming out .

Guys, take a look at this post:

It appears to be corrupted calibration data within Windows.
Read the thread, there’s a link to a registry file to clear the bad calibration data.
Following those instructions helped me. When I barely press the podals brakes, MSFS2020 would immediately register 50% depression of the brakes, after that a smooth curve from 50% to 100%

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Going into Win10 USB device calibration and resetting to default might help.