Logitech yoke and throttle problems

Hey yall,

Just got the new flight sim and I was setting up my yoke an throttle and my yoke is detected by ny computer but not the throttle. The throttle light is on but has no detection on my computer. The yoke works great although it sometimes cuts out and I have to unplug and plug it back in. I have a power supply usb giving it extra power as I’m using a msi gaming laptop. If someone has had these issues and could help that would be great! I’ve un stalled and re installed the drives and the throttle can’t be detected

Thanks much!

I just posted about my Logitech Yoke system as well on this thread. Something similar. My yoke becomes unresponsive as well. Has been doing the same on FSX, X-Plane 11 and now FS2020.

Does your throttle work?

My Flight Yoke system works fine on Flight Sim 2020 for 5-10 minutes in flight, then both the yoke and throttle becomes unresponsive. Lights remain on though.
On FSX, it takes about 1-2 hours before the system becomes unresponsive. Which I can live with.

Do you have the drivers installed or did you just hook it up

I just re-downloaded the drivers today. Will try it again tonight.

Let me know if it works i re installed them today and they download really fast and I still can’t get my throttle to detect

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Man, I’m experiencing the same problem as the OP. Yoke and pedals are detected, although the yoke is herky-jerky, and pulls to the left. Sitting on a runway I can see the yoke twitching about. No wonder I’m flying like a drunk!

The pedals seem operational.

Throttle light is lit, but nada. It doesn’t register as an input in the menu and does nothing when flying.

All drivers are up to date. (Except the only stand-alone throttle driver is 32-bit so I couldn’t update that separately).

Also, the LED on the yoke is lit, but no data is displayed. It’s just a glowing screen.

I had a heck of a time getting that to be detected and once was, it didn’t work in-game. Finally after switching up USB ports a few times a it finally came around (sort of).

I have a long usb cord running to my setup and I’m thinking it’s not pushing enough power, but that’s just speculation. Maybe powered usb hub or DC is needed?

This is the first time using this. When I plugged in the yoke the other day as a test the chronometer was working (no game running), but now it’s just a blank screen.

Much like the OP, any suggestions would be welcome. Very frustrating.


Do you have the yoke with throttle? So the throttle plug right into the yoke or is your throttle a USB plug?

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I have the yoke w/ throttle. Throttle plugs into the yolk.

I am having similar issues. My throttle is USB X-55 Saitek for (Logictech now). Though I assigned the axis, it is not working. I will say when I have the flight stick plugged in my Honeycomb yoke does exactly how was described by this gentleman. I am not sure what to do.

So did you get the throttle to work by continuing to plug it in and take it out until it works? I can’t even get the throttle to react under my device on my computer not just in the sim? Its brand new

Your Honeycomb yoke is lurking and jerking about too? Interesting… what the F’ is going on here?!

…I’ll say this, I’d never played a flight sim before, but have been enamored with MSF2020 since hearing about it a year ago or so. Combine that with having numerous friends in aviation I decided to ‘go all in’ with this Saitek/Logitech kit.

After hours of F’ing about I finally got the yoke and pedals to be detected and their inputs registering in-game. (No throttle). When I started to fly I was shocked at how the controls felt. Slight to modest yoke adjustments results in no response from the aircraft, then bam, jerking downward or into a bank. Violently!

I thought this is nuts. And way harder than I thought it would be. How can I possibly even fly straight and level.

Then I noticed the yoke twisting and twitching about while sitting stationary on a runway. (Well that doesn’t seem right)

Then… I used an Xbox controller and discovered it wasn’t.

Again, WTF

Try plugging them in directly to the pc rather than through the extension cable to rule that issue out if you haven’t done already. Could be a lack of power to the yoke but equally could be interference affecting the signal or physical damage to the cable.

For sudden jerky changes I’d check the keyboard bindings to see that have inputs for the flight surfaces (primary inputs), if so clear them out.

For twitches you might need to slightly increase the deadzones.

Thank you for responding and your input.

Yeah I thought it. I haven’t tried yet, but will do. Unfortunately the way my system is set up it’s a big hassle to do so. PC is on one end of the room, long HDMI running to the display, and then the yoke, pedals, etc… are all bolted in to a “cockpit”. Basically have to take everything apart to move it. But… that’s really the only thing I can think of.

However, when I check the yoke with Logitech Yoke app it accuracy responds to input.

But man, in-game its a mess. Just sitting on the runway not touching anything the in-game yoke is twitching about and jerking around. Or cocked over to one side. If I try to turn it 10degrees nothing happens on the screen, then it cranks fully over. Snaps back. Vibrates around. Or might not respond at all. I don’t think it’s deadzones. I actually have adjusted those and sensitivity thinking that could help, but didn’t.

Throttle does absolutely nothing.

Pedals seem totally fine.

Also, the yoke acts the same way when the pedals and throttle are unplugged.

Also… ha - the LED on the yoke was working when the PC went to sleep. But the second I woke it up, the digital display on the screen cuts out and goes back to a glowing box with no text.

This is maddening! :crazy_face:

I know your pain as I had a very similar set up with long cables.

Ha - totally. If I was smart (I am not). I would have checked everything BEFORE I got it all screwed and bolted in place.

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Once we get all of this ■■■■ figured out, I feel it’s going to be worth it! I AM NOT GOING BACK TO FSX! haha Even though it was a great sim.

I did get it to work. You need to go to controls, switch the category from assigned to all the find the option for throttle. click it, then choose the find option, then move your throttle controller to detect it. Gerrrrrr! What ■■■■■■ me off is I had to disconnect my X-55 flight stick to get the Honeycomb to work properly.